Your support matters!


Some people suggested to me recently that I should mention this: this work is done for free and out of my personal passion for it, albeit I welcome any possible help. Your financial support will encourage me to develop more professional content for you on a regular basis. The more financial support I receive, the more I will be in the position to prioritize this work. The possibilities are inspiring.
Here is the link to my Patreon page.

​You can donate any amount in order to show your appreciation and if you think this work has any personal value for you.

Please note that this it is the second time ever I am stating about that over this website (I am not a huge fan of asking for money) and you have my word that I won’t do it again until 2017 arrives. I strongly believe that the best content defends itself (and should be free). This page will always be free so if you decide you would not support my work you can be sure that you won’t miss on anything anyway.


If anyone pledges a little, together we can make it happen and this project will grow even more for our mutual benefit – as this is a journey also for me. What’s coming in store soon? I have planned really exciting content for the new year, if everything goes well (and the time will permit me to finalize it) you can expect a lot of interesting stuff on RMH including audio and video. Stay tuned. And for those of you that prefer reading- don’t worry, every content will also be provided in the text form, just the way you like it.


​Also, don’t forget that you can “like” or comment on the official ​RMH Facebook page. I don’t fancy FB too much, however our community has already some strong roots there.

Thank you for being here.



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