Happy New Year 2016! + Statistics

Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Red Royal Catchfly Flowers - Ohio (BRT0027)

The moment you’re reading this might still be back in the 2015, but I can already welcome us to the brand new, fresh and warm twelve months. We will be enjoying our manhood more than ever. I hope you’re having as much fun as I do. Weekend is still ahead so the party-time is not over yet. But let’s get back to our business. As I’ve said recently, here are the statistics for the year 2015, which was Year One for the Red Male Hummingbird.

Wow, time really flies fast! Make sure you are making the most of it!



Views: 58,333

Visitors: 29,378

Likes: 81

Comments: 47


Is this a lot? Or moreover- is this enough? 

Sometimes one article gets 1000 individual hits in one day (in a world where we are massively surrounded by often meaningless viral video content I view this as a success- especially regarding that MGTOW is still a fairly new subject) and sometimes the whole site barely reaches 100 people in the same time frame. What keeps me going? You. And the strong feeling that the purpose is correct. The feeling that I can be true and honestly open with my readers and myself. Also, a small word to the haters- which amazingly- already joined the boat. If you don’t like what is written on this website, then you can kindly get the fuck out as you don’t belong here. Now, where I was at? Ah! Statistics!

So far, I have published 76 articles. That means 6.33 articles per month on average. Not all of them were perfect or very popular – let’s have a closer look on this!

Top 10 of the most viewed articles published in 2015:

1. Every Woman Becomes Mad (EWBM) 

2. Escorts

3. Escorts II

4. What is Love

5. Being a Male is Tough

6. Warning, Warning! Pregnancy trap ahead!

7. Please tell us, what we should “like”?!

8. Endless Praise

9. Review of Roosh V “Bang!”

10. Gender Equality

You can tell that men want to ensure women are crazy- then have sex with them anyway- that comes before love (though, it does not if you’re a mangina! lol) which makes us realize how this dynamics makes our lives hard as we need to be careful not to get trapped inside the spider’s web (I mean “female love” and pregnancy that gets us jailed for life as being providers!), dodge bullets such as the social pressure to accept mediocrity and manipulation coming from women and white knight bullshit which at the end turns out to be the sad realization that we aren’t equals with them at all.  😉

Funny, how articles dedicated to “Escorts” topped the list- you can expect more from that series of articles coming in the future, too!

To quickly sum it up: for me, this data proves that people are hungry for the unbiased and “politically incorrect” knowledge about men, women and their interactions between themselves.

You can count on me for being here during 2016.

I wish all of us to further grow and develop during the coming year. The more independent and happy we become, the less unhappiness women will bring among us!

Thank you for being here. 


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