Puppet Masters

Spy vs Spy

The year is 2156. Eternal battle between the sexes goes on. The two competing genders both gained and lost its power and influence over human society during the past. Currently the feminine side is at it again. Men are treated almost like prisoners.

You can see how this fact influenced everything in daily life. From architecture to the way of teaching kids how to behave. Women preferred more secure way of doing things (at least from their point of view). Albeit it was far in the future from now you couldn’t really spot any big buildings during these years. Humanity moved to cities built just under the first layers of earth crust, where most of the men were being kept under strict governance. Women enjoyed their freedoms filled with fresh air and ripped gardens on the surface. They said that it was the best way to preserve planet Earth from destruction. In 2156, women dominate over men across the whole world.

It was pretty much like that back in 2016, more than a century ago. The only difference was that men weren’t fully aware that they were governed. In fact, there was a woman standing in the shadow of practically every powerful man.

If one could look at the right spot, probably it would be possible for him to see a sudden bump occurring in the time and space continuum. A quick flash of light and a blue vortex appearing. Two females- one very young (somewhere in her mid teens) and the second one significantly older- temporarily warped in some sort of time-machine, directly from the future. They are using high-tech automatus, in order to travel back and forth in time. They do not do this for pleasure, though. This is how women are taught about life and society in the early XXII century.

– Wow Fiona! This city is incredible. Look at those buildings, so tall! It feels like they are touching the sky! – a girl with long, black hair pointed up with amazement in her eyes.
I know, Cindy! It’s amazing, right? Now look around. What do you see?
I see men. Men everywhere.
That is correct. As you can see, they are running free. – Fiona replied.
– Yes, it looks so different to our way of living… 
I agree with you. Tell me, what do you think of them?
They built up everything here. This is unbelievable. They must be incredibly powerful. Weren’t they ruling the world back in the 2016? – Cindy asked.
Yes, they were. But let me tell you a secret – they can do all those things and be so powerful yet still… they serve us. –  older girl stated with a sense of satisfaction
Are you serious? Does that mean we are even more powerful? Are we really divine goddesses? – If you stand close enough, you could see a burst of hope in her young teenage eyes.
Ha ha ha of course not, my dear. I am sorry to disappoint you. We aren’t divine. But they think we are. That gives us the whole leverage. And you know why?
I have no idea! Fiona tell me, just tell me right away! 
– They need us. Nature made it that way.
– But what they need us for? I still don’t understand?
– Tell me Cindy,  how do you call that small organ between your legs…?



What if…

What if previous generations of men already figured this out? We just forgot what they knew? What if time and events are going in circles, just like everything else in the nature?

From time to time one generation of men realize how women truly are…then they limit their laws and power. They “fix” whatever was broken by men and women that were living before them.

If there was any way for the females to share and pass that knowledge (I don’t really believe there is, but also remember to never underestimate your enemy!) from one generation to the next – they would probably think “Oh fuck, they figured it out again! Let’s back away a bit and pretend we can really love them or else they’ll make us their slaves yet again. It seems it’s time to act sweet and caring for a while”.

…and it goes on and on – forever. Women gaining power for a longer while… and then boom! Men catch up on them and their grand manipulation. Then, the balance of power goes back to us again.

In which way our current society is evolving? I can feel that nobody will step back during this time. It seems to me that both women and men are not going to give back anything. The whole cake has limited amount of portions and both sides are hungry. Gender wars are approaching -and wherever we like it or not, we stand on one side of the conflict here.

That’s definitely something to think about.



4 thoughts on “Puppet Masters

  1. This was such a good read. The thought of how power changes hands throughout history and thoughts of how on a collective level women use the totalitarian tip-toe and men have to some how regain a power footing. Since the 1970’s, the balance has shifted towards what we now call the Female Imperative due to weak leadership and caving into womens demands, and in recent years more men (Red Pill) have woken up and are trying fight the feminine programming in the media landscape.

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