The Womb

Women of the XXI Century

Life is amazing. I was wondering what topic should I cover in my next article and nothing really was coming into my mind. And then suddenly the Universe helped me with this, again. On my way home in the public bus I’ve encountered a woman talking with her female friend on a phone. Loudly. Guess what topic she was covering? Men. Yup! She was also cautiously looking around trying to see if there wasn’t anybody in the bus speaking the same language as she was. Oh well, I understand her second language. D’oh!

She was bragging all along to her friend how men are behaving carelessly. How much of a pussies we are! How there’s nothing she can order them to do for her because they will probably screw it up. She was planning to buy a car soon and she complained how big wankers are men from her workplace. That we are good only when it comes to having coffee with them. And that we are all wankers. She said this three times. She really meant it. Also, she added that women need to take care of themselves nowadays because that’s what men made them to do. She agreed that women became arrogant but that’s because men made them this way. I must partially agree. Men are weak nowadays. What has made us this way?  Computer games? Mass access to pornography? Lack of strong fatherhood? Perhaps everything that I’ve mentioned influenced the final result. It’s just sad.

She had a very masculine voice. I, as naturally being masculine, would not be attracted to her. Female should be feminine for me to be viewed as attractive. If she was encountering only weak manginas before, men being feminine -it’s no wonder that she morphed more into her masculine. It’s our fucking fault. We create this society, and look what we have done?

We came out of woman’s womb. That’s our fucking problem. We can’t beat this argument out. That’s why a female validation is so important to us. We aren’t even after sex that much. Sex without validation does not serve us long-term. Hookers are a solution, but only partially. It cannot work for everyone (albeit it works for me).


When we were kids…

When we were kids we respected and were fearful of our fathers but our mothers praise and secure haven in their arms were most important for us. When a father beat us up, we ran to our mother. If she did, there wasn’t anyone else to go to and seek shelter. We can’t change that I’m afraid. It goes too deep in our programming- both biological, emotional, physical (hugging) genetic and every other. That’s what make us humans but look how these silly females can create other humans. And we love them for that. Females are inferior on every other level except than this one. And this one is huge. You have to admit it or play deaf.

From the other point of view, women are undeveloped on almost every field! Emotional, sexual, intellectual. If nobody (first a father, and then her partners) will properly raise and then develop a girl, she becomes a typical toxic female, unaware how bad she is and still expecting to be treated like a princess.

That’s how it looks. So many of them are undeveloped. So many of them got weak fathers or beta-blue pilled boyfriends that couldn’t teach them anything useful. Yet, they are creating newborn humans. Ironical! Female might be stupid, childish, toxic or even evil but she still can use her womb.

The first step in our recovery is to admit that clearly an inferior gender controls us and our happiness. Why? Because we’ve come out from one of them. If our independence has to be strong and purposeful, it needs to be built upon completely new fundamentals.


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