Women aren’t going anywhere!

Women made us like that!

You see, objectively – if men and women met under different conditions we’d probably liked each other. But the fact is that we are just using each other. Still, I believe that men want sex, then “to be able to love and to be loved” whilst women want sex plus everything else.

After all, when a woman say that she is sorry that you were “hurt” by women in your previous relationships and that “not all women are like that” she knows that she is lying – or, she might just have no clue and be living in a fantasy world. After all, every male has been destroyed emotionally at some point of his life by a woman. This is my main point, we went our own way because this was the only way that was left.  We stopped believing in love. They made us like that. Personally, I’d be happy if a real love existed in this world. But it is not. I have lost my trust in women. I stopped looking after them. I stopped caring. Paradoxically, when I don’t need them anymore- or them being loyal to me – they suddenly started to offer it. A female will offer her dedication to the male that needs it least. It’s just silly. Nature is playing a terrible joke on us.

When I think about it deeper, it always goes back to parents and how their relationship was looking to me as a small child. Was the mother dominant? Or my father, was he overly-aggressive? Or maybe weak? Or he presented a consistent and decent example of how to be a good parent? What you could say about your own parents?


Women aren’t going anywhere!

Let’s be honest with ourselves – we can’t just cut off women out of our life. It doesn’t seems realistic. Maybe that’s why Red Pillers don’t go well with MGTOW. But let’s face it- women are everywhere. In our workplaces, on the streets, they are out mothers, sisters and colleagues. If anyone says that he “cut out” females from his life he is either lying, deceiving himself or just hiding from them in his room whilst still living with parents (and at the same time masturbating to… pictures of females on his laptop screen). Maybe if you’re living in some sort of a remote place far away from the civilization then yeah, you can say something like that and it is going to be true. But otherwise… sorry, dude. You either learn how to deal with females or you’ll be a weak beta for the rest of your life. To be honest, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a weak mangina in a LTR, or a beta shielding himself from any sort of female influence. You should be a strong man, that is not afraid of women or their manipulative tactics.  You might not like the truth, but there it is.

Let’s try to imagine…

What if a female become male?  Not in a physical sense, but mentally. What if women finally exchange places with males in our society. Women would then need to start romance with men like we do with them now. They would need to start flirting with us, organizing dates, trying to made us feel in love. Improbable scenario? Well, 100 years ago no one was even talking about the possibility of developing sex-bots and nowadays this topic is growing stronger and stronger. Personally, I am afraid that it would not solve our own male yearning for a simple human connection, emotional closeness and… female validation.


10 thoughts on “Women aren’t going anywhere!

  1. Impossible! It will be a cold day in hell before women start courting men. They’re way too much into themselves to do it, insurmountable ego. IMO the western society will be extinct in a century.

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  2. There are workplaces that have no women at all (mostly blue collar), some stores also offer self-checkouts (Tesco here has them). There are also ways to become invisible in public, and use earphones if you don’t want to be bothered.

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      1. What other alternative do you have if you don’t want to deal with women? Killing them is not an option of course, dealing with them is not an option for some because they get annoyed more easily and they value their peace of mind more than seeming nice and sociable.

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      2. I see your point but the same can be applied to any sort of social group, let’s say a bunch of easily-offended manginas/beta males who can become a pain in the ass just like women. Are you going to escape or hide from them, too? I mean, yeah you can “escape” from time to time by using the methods you stated (earphones etc.) but that does not solve the problem and I don’t really see any MGTOW should “escape” from anything. How we should deal with them is yet another thing, though. 😉

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