Gender Equality (Part II)

You got a pussy, you got a job!

Do any of you realize how easy it is for a women to get a job? No, I mean –really.

During one period in my life I was living with a female colleague for one year. I was forced to do it, or I could land on the street – tough call. Thankfully, I managed to hold my frame and we were both minding our own business. I was unemployed for a couple of months back then. My efforts to find something were going nowhere. I’ve sent almost 600 applications to almost every company in the city I was living.

And her? First of all, her old company gave her a tremendous leaving package (they were relocating the site and she wasn’t happy to move to another country). They offered to help her for two more months and she signed up a temporary contract so that she could still come to the office. During that period, she sent several CVs out of boredom. Biggest companies. IBM, Microsoft, Amazon. Almost every sent application was answered with an invitation to the interview. Work agencies were calling her and offering interviews, too. I couldn’t understand why that was the case. It was like having a magic wand that automatically opened doors in front of you. And it was not only unfair but also illogical because I had a far better experience than her. Somehow the very fact that she was a woman made it possible whilst I was still helplessly sending CVs everywhere.

Females complain that they don’t get as much (in terms of salary) as men, too. Well, first of all it was already debunked (check the resources at the bottom of this article). Secondly, that is because they don’t know how to negotiate. It’s like complaining that someone got a “C” grade because he didn’t study well enough and do his homework to get “A” level results! Yet, so many men still don’t realize how they are being manipulated into believing that women are the victims. So many manginas or blue-pillers want to protect women. I can’t figure out what from? Other men? Because they can steal the pussy from them? Or maybe from themselves? Women don’t need your protection! They only want your resources!

Yes, we aren’t equals! We never were and never will be! It’s because of the genes, biology, evolution. Divine design. Call it whatever you like. But please, “dear women” don’t try to manipulate the facts yet over again and try to made us believe that “equality” means “being overly privileged” because that’s what you’re after, really. Until I will see women applying for work in the mines, collecting trash or other places like that I can only laugh – not at their attempt to manipulate us, as this goes unchanged over the centuries, but at our own brothers; stupid weak manginas, beta males and other male-feminists pretending that not having balls is a ticket to being a pussy. It isn’t. This way they only become a caricature of men, nothing more.

Women are privileged way too much.

They can go and have sex for money. Not just dimes, but enormous amount of money!

But, oh wait! They say that “having sex for them is something faaar more emotional and they can’t have it just like that, like most men!” – that’s what probably a nowadays mangina will tell you, right?

Oh really? So how do you fucking explain all those sluts doing what they do, even in front of the camera?! There are literally thousands of girls slutting themselves up daily and not only on porn websites! I assure you that after they are done with the filming, they go back to their normal lives, loving boyfriends and caring families. Pretending that everything is okay. Because for them, it fucking is!

The truth is that they don’t even need an emotional involvement, they can just think about carrots or what they will cook for dinner. Anyone who ever slept with a poorly skilled, undeveloped girlfriend/fuck-buddy or a bored/tired call-girl knows that.

They can “turn off” and just give their bodies to you, without any sort of emotional involvement. On a side note, of course they need the will to do it- otherwise it’s called rape. But, they can do it. Why? because in order to have sex they don’t even need an erection like we do! And yeah, if they become dry as hell they can just use the lube. Unlike us!

Men need to have an emotional attachment. That’s why “girlfriend experience” (“GFE”) is becoming one of the most popular services among call-girls. Because it’s us who need to feel that having sex with someone should mean something more than just moving your dick inside a vagina. That’s the dire truth, gentlemen.


For the first part of this series look here: Gender Equality (Part I)






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