Designed to Fail

Flawed Design

In my opinion we are designed to fail- both genders, that is. We are nothing more than monkeys who suddenly learned how to talk, use advanced language and dress in fancy clothes. From one side we’d like to see ourselves as a dominant species on this planet, soon we’ll go to Mars etc but from the other we are just filthy animals with basic primal instincts. Females want to hatch their eggs and use the male, male wants to impregnate all of the females can etc 😉 how that differs from animal kingdom? It doesn’t.

I remember reading a comment under some sort of MGTOW video, written by one of our fellow brothers. I don’t remember his nickname (whoever does, please contact me and I’ll update this info) but I copied it below as it is pretty significant.

“I have to COMPLETELY OVERCOME all my handicaps to the point where I am BETTER than 80% of men at least. Have to have my shit together better than the vast majority of men. I’m having a hard enough time just getting to be AVERAGE, but what I need to do in order to have any kind of sex life and get ANY of my sexual needs met AT ALL is be better than the vast majority of guys out there.”

This is the crux of it. “Male sexual needs”?! Who the fuck cares about that? Certainly not women! Why would they? They don’t have an idea how life feels when you need to chase sex. After all, they have abundance of it. And that’s fair enough, I presume. Women have completely insatiable expectations. They even don’t realize this. We, in opposition are logical and capable of true love – at least that’s how we see this. For women, the way how men are loving them is superficial and primitive.

We are able to create unbelievably complicated things. Processes. Stuff. Everything. Have you ever assembled a bike? It contains many parts. And it required intriguing ideas to create and develop it over the centuries into sleek, modern machine on two wheels that it is today. And it’s still just a bike. It’s all because of men. And how about airplanes? Flying to Mars? Interstellar travel? Again, men did it. Art, science, philosophy, spirituality? Again, mostly men. However, every male come out of a vagina. You cannot erase these memories. Again, it gives females immense leverage.


They are going to call you a misogynist!

Last week I was talking with my old friend, back from the days when I was living in a different country. We didn’t talked for over 10 years. Everything was going ok and he even gave me some points that he “don’t fancy modern girls because he still could not get a girlfriend”. I thought to give it a try, so I dropped him a few typical MGTOW/TRP truths. You know, the basic stuff about hypergamy, sexual market value, feminine imperative and the myth of divine feminine (worshiped only by blue pillers/manginas). This went on for two or three of our weekly conversations, until I finally realized how wrong I was. He posted picture of flowers on his FB wall, addressing women’s day and wishing them well. He of course received several “thank-you-sir” from our beloved women. Haha!

I asked him, does he still celebrate women’s day. He replied- “of course!“. Then I pointed out that nobody remembers when the Father’s Day is. Or a Boyfriend Day (does it even exist?Or whatever. He became really angry, really fast. He said that both genders have their anniversaries and celebrations. And that if I was listening to the radio I’d probably know when the Mother Day is. Typical beta pussy behavior.

I tried to calm him down, but he went on and on how wrong I am, how frustrated I must be and that “one girl had probably hurt me in the past so now I am this way. And that it is pretty misogynist.” At the same moment I was aware that I am listening to the guy who didn’t slept/meet/date any new girl for years and has a serious problems in relation to his social anxiety. D’oh!

We were talking about call-girls before and I was advertising how good it is to just pay upfront if you really need to instead of normal dating. I showed him profiles of few nice escorts. He was like “Oh yeah, they are really cute. It’s worst when you fall in love in one of them!”. And I was like “Fall in love?* You are saying this like you were a type of guy who falls in love with a girl after sleeping with her! Or, like “falling in love” was something uncontrollable.” Like it was, when we were very young.

Actually, he is still exactly that type of a guy who would do that. Pathetic. Sad. He might be mature physically, but mentally he stopped developing himself when he was 20.

I told him that I don’t hate women, I like to have fun with them. And they found me attractive. But that’s all. Women are the most privileged social group in our world and I don’t see a point in putting them on a pedestal. Relationships with females are something more than just wanking to pictures of pretty girls found on Facebook and dreaming about eternal love. 

Then I deleted his profile. He is probably still offended.

This is going to happen. If you choose to GYOW then inevitably you are going to lose old friends. Family members. Sometimes new ones. But there’s no going back. Some people are too attached to the matrix.

Let them suffer. Let them preach to the girls how bad “those MGTOW/TRP guys are! They don’t respect females! Mysogynists!”. Girls will be listening, nodding and agreeing with them. Taking flowers from them. And fucking us behind their backs. Of course, if that’s what you’re into. 😉

Peace and see you here next time! For this week that’s all. Datson out.

PS. Please do forgive me for a double dose of Captain Picard, I simply could not resist!

*As this is a constantly popular article on RMH, I was thinking about writing a second part, or maybe adding something to it. But really nothing comes into my mind. I’d love to be able to edit this info and say “guys, I was wrong- love does exist!” or something like this. But I can’t. I don’t feel it does.


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