Spring is coming!

Fat Cows

Or, at some places – it is already here! This means that you’ll be encountering more Fat Cows.  I was coming back home by the bus recently. I was sitting close to the window. There was an empty seat to my right side. Then, the typical Fat Lady (lady?) come and sat near me. She was certainly trying to capture the whole 1,5 seat for herself. She started to joyfully move left and right, giving the impression that she needs more space. I remained at my place. A typical “gentleman” would probably enter a fetus mode and curl back, whilst being glued to the window. She tried this for couple of minutes (!!!) and when realizing I won’t give it to her- she got up (another several seconds, lol) and left to the back of the bus to obtain another one and a half space for her. Amazing! And simply disgusting! So divine feminine!


On this picture you can see Donna. Donna is different from other girls, Donna is a 43-stone mother of two. Donna, who wears XXXXXXXL (yeah, that’s fucking 7 “X’s”) clothing is thought to be the world’s fattest woman. She is already in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest woman in the world to give birth. Donna’s goal is to reach 72 stone but she thinks “this may not be practical”. Enough said!

How much Blue Pill/Beta/you can get?!

Now, as for my short explanation of the terms.

Blue Pill – a male who believes in divine feminine myth, does not know much about hypergamy, don’t want to believe that love doesn’t exist or that women aren’t ultimately good and caring. He probably wants to be in love, in LTR, and have a steady girlfriend. Typical Blue Pill chump is chivalrous, wants to save females from themselves/oppression/other men/responsibility/everything and is strongly convinced that females are honest, never lie and are basically far better creatures than we are. Most men were Blue Pill from their birth, badly conditioned by their mothers. But just as in the Matrix movie – there is a way out. It’s called “taking the pill”.

Red Pill – a male who knows how SMV works, learns about tactics and manipulation used by the females, and probably breaks from the endless vicious circle of LTRs. He often uses Game as a set of tactics opposing those used by the females. This knowledge ultimately should serve males in getting sex far more often without the interference of unsustainable games played by the female in order to ensure commitment through use of validation/approval methods. 

Now, you can probably be an Alpha Blue Pill or Alpha Red Pill and subsequently, Beta Blue Pill (uhh! 😉 and Beta Red Pill combination is also possible.

So, Blue and Red Pill terms are used to discern the knowledge a male has about females and their tactics. Alpha and Beta are more to discern between different types of males between our own group (of men). Who is the more dominant, aggressive, powerful male in any given group.  A male can be Alpha between his own group of mates, but Beta in a different group (which consists of males which are mentally stronger than himself- it’s not about physical power, albeit it often helps! – “fake it till you make it”!) On top of that is the whole MGTOW movement, which ditches having kids / marrying up / being in a relationship as a complete nonsense, unfair equation for a man and simply not worth the effort. It is really similar to Red Pill just without chasing females. Because even if you do it when knowing how the game works you are still moving your life around women. A MGTOW can fuck a girl if he wants, but does not remain attached to her longer than -let’s say – several months of romance can last. If you are still sleeping with girls and falling in love with them, go back to the drawing board- you’re not MGTOW yet.

I wouldn’t say that MGTOW is the last step of the journey. Many MGTOWs are preaching about abstaining from sex or even any contacts with women at all (good luck with that in our modern world, it’s 2016 and not 1887 when you could easily escape from everything & everyone if you’d really want to!). I personally don’t believe that being a monk is something required.

There is also a Mangina/White Knight.  Usually, a White Knight will be even more chivalrous than Blue Pill. He will often praise feminists, support them or pretend to be one (oh dear god!). He will try to beat you if you ever try to raise a voice on a female. 😉 Manginas are just like the type above but more pathetic, weak and “nice”. They don’t posses a cock, hence the name. They are on the very bottom of the pit. If you see one, just crush him. Or bring him a bottle of breast milk, because they daily-feed on them. Just joking. But I guess everyone knows how to behave around a mangina. Pretend that they don’t exist. They’ll disappear in a cloud of induced sweat. Watch out – they often carry a condom with them just to pretend how good with women they really are. However, when you check the “best before date” it will show something around 1989.

It’s almost Friday, guys. Enjoy it! 🙂


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