Tempus Fugit

When we were young…

We thought that females are even better than us. Then we always wanted an “equal relationship”, because who wouldn’t want it? We didn’t wanted to play the “domination game”, “who’s the boss” and so on. Because love isn’t about fighting wars and being kept uptight it’s about being open, free and honest. Right?

Then as our experience and age grew we started to realize that women aren’t as advertised on TV (lol!). They started to look more and more shallow to us. Without any significant substance in them. From the cherished Divine Feminine they turned into narcissistic, egoistic, non-logical, non-emphatic, non-caring assholes thinking only about themselves and blaming men (every men!) for their supposed misery.

In fact, many men still choose to believe some sort of vision that soothes them and their needs. That “NAWALT” (Not All Women Are Like That) is true, or that they were simply out of luck.

But, if you offer your best every time and after five long term relationships you know that every time you were betrayed, lied to, cheated, used, and at the very best – not respected and not cared for, you know that romantic poems are just pure bullshit of drunk and drugged poets.

Healthy adult women – the ones that are developed – are often with somebody else. The most sane of them are still having the very same female nature that prevents them from being suitable for any reasonable LTR with a man.

The ones that are toxic, crazy, nuts or wicked might be reacting in different ways than these described as “healthy”. So you can get more kinky sex, more weird behaviors or sudden bursts of “love” from them. However, at the very end they are even worse than the “sane ones”.

The funny part is that the female camp consist of so many fucked up ones that I wonder where were their fathers? Or who they were? Because how much of a blue pill mangina you need to be in order for your daughter grew up to become a 30 year old hippie chick still going to trance parties and taking drugs whilst not having a stable income, normal job or education? So many divorced couples, so many lonely mothers unable to raise daughters and sons properly. And we are “free to choose” our life partner from this rotten poll? Nah. No fucking way.

Time flows. One day you were 21 and full of life, next day you look at the mirror and see a 35 year old man. Next time you’ll pay attention – you’ll be already 55. At the end, everyone gets old and die. Women know about this. But they truly realize it only when it’s too late to change anything. Typical behavior for them. On the picture below – I don’t know the author, nor the real title – but I’d like to think that it’s called “A woman, realizing that she is becoming old”.  With every passing year, every woman is becoming more and more weak. They have power over us only because we allow them to. Don’t get hooked up on some young fresh 23yo, who inside is far more mentally stupid and shallow that you ever were during the same age. They just hide it really well and once noticing how men are chasing them anyway- don’t even care to admit.


Use most of your lives while you still can. 


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