#BrusselsAttack – Male Behavior

Now, I know it was a tragedy. And I am sorry for every person affected. But if you want to mourn, go elsewhere. Here we can look at the source from the side of male-female inter-gender relations.

A short video emerged, recorded by some people stuck at the airport. Well, they were stuck only in their heads. Some people in the situation of crisis become paralyzed and frozen. Others, act with courage. I don’t blame anyone, though. Not everyone can be a soldier, and not everyone is a survivor. Most people are not. 

-Where are the f*cking soldiers? – Sounds like a typical “please save me and tell me what to do” Mangina behavior.
-A soldier can also do nothing! (On a lighter note, this would probably made me laugh 😉 )

But there’s so much more. Listen to the conversation that apparently some couple is having. She is expecting him to be a man, while he is afraid to make a move and just waits for the police (a woman in this case, coincidentally) to tell him what to do.

  • Get over there! That’s safe!
  • I’m not leaving! Get over here!
  • No, no!
  • Just stay here!
  • You have to go outside!

You can clearly read the couple dynamics. Her dude is almost losing it, screaming at her with fear.

What would you do?

Again, you can watch the discussed video here. Courtesy of RT.

PS. I would run away. If you don’t hear shots, no further explosions are happening and you’re capable of running there’s really no point in staying in the same place waiting for someone to find you. Either good or bad. You have to take your life in your own hands. In the situation of the crisis nobody is going to help you. Yeah, I know that is what “the authorities” always advise – like, if something bad happens on the train, just remain on the train. We will come and save you. Typical sheep behavior. They encourage it because it is easier for them to control mindless crowd.


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