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We. Are. Separate.

Men and Women don’t have anything in common. We should live our lives separately.

Somewhere over the internet I’ve seen this post: “Now at 35, I have a butt load of savings and investments, career/salary is even better, health wise never looked better. Dating quality has skyrocketed for me, not just because of my personal qualities but also because I just don’t give a fuck anymore whether a women is around or not. I just don’t care. I had to learn to live without women in my 20s, and now its like somehow that really turns women on…I have no idea why…reverse psychology I guess? OTOH, A single women my age is usually in poor shape, neglected her health, divorced with kids, and has almost zero career or savings, and has sour grapes emotional issues.”

Isn’t that curious? What does it tell you about them? They know we want their pussy. They are expecting that once one of them chooses us, we should agree to everything she wants. And always choose her, in reciprocation. And be thankful for the occasion. Hahaha! It’s just crazy! Their egos are fucking out of this solar system! And beyond!

Catch the young, inexperienced male provider while they are still young and fresh and then stop caring? Breed, and become fat? Even better! After all, government and society will protect us!

Have you ever noticed how every woman on YouTube has a profile pic?


PUA doesn’t work?

Pages like keep telling that it doesn’t. What matters for me is that even if it does I simply don’t see the point. Amount of effort to chase girls, pay for the dates/dinners/whatever and time you need to put in just to have sex with them, makes no sense. In fact, I find going to the streets and chasing girls, giving them compliments and begging for attention/dates HUMILIATING as a man.

You know what women want and respond to? Power. Money. Looks. In that order. You can have looks, but if you don’t have money you won’t get a long way. At least, not after you’re older than, say, 30 years old. Think about it. You’ll always be tagged as that “cute but unsuccessful male”. And if you’re unsuccessful and bad looking? Well, bad for you – you won’t get any pussy at all. Don’t buy to that PUA BS. The top 5% of men fucks with the 90% of women. Is it even worth it?

Also, think of how all these in-field videos showing sober girls kissing guys that they just get to know 10 minutes before on the street during the day can be real. They fucking can’t. It’s a hoax. Played by men, on men. 

Drunk girls- yeah, it can happen. However, ask yourself- do you respect yourself enough to not put up with such bullshit? I do. I don’t drink and I don’t like to kiss stinky smelly drunk girls just for the “fun” of it. So, where I should go to meet some decent women? Ooops. Nowhere. It’s either drunken sluts and shallow one night stands with mediocre closures, or chasing them during the day&dating game. And you see, I am a decent looking guy. With money. It just doesn’t make sense. Our gender roles needs to be revisited. But first, we need to stop allowing feminism to grow.

Before this happens, enjoy call-girls.

In an ideal world, all women would be as affectionate and accommodating as prostitutes are. But this isn’t an ideal world. Sex with prostitutes tends to prevent you from being too dependent, sexually or emotionally, on other women. If you limit your sexual activity to prostitutes and girlfriends and don’t get married, you won’t marry a young, thin, pretty woman when you’re young and find yourself married to an old, fat, no longer pretty woman when you’re old. When you’re 60 you’ll be able to enjoy the company of prostitutes who are as young and pretty as the women you were having sex with when you were 25. Prostitutes won’t accuse you of “sexual harassment” because you tell her you’d like to be sexually involved with her or ask her for a date or tell her a dirty joke or tell her how pretty or sexy she is or how much you love her. Unlike many if not most wives and even many girlfriends, prostitutes will have sex with you whenever you want – and not just when she happens to be in the mood. Sociology research has shown that old joke is actually true: Married men are prostitutes’ best customers. This wouldn’t be true if marriage were all it’s cracked up to be.

Unlike many other women, prostitutes do, or let you do, oral sex if that’s what you want. In fact, in one survey, oral sex was the type of sexual activity most often requested of and engaged in by prostitutes. A prostitute won’t threaten to break up with you or actually leave you because you won’t marry her. Prostitutes don’t care if you call her only when you really want to.

More on Love…

Wouldn’t it be great to just have it simple? To fall in love on both sides, and want exactly the same? Gay marriages are proving that equal love is possible. But women aren’t able to love like that. Maybe that’s why some men turned themselves to being gays?

If females were able to love like we do, then we would just go and make passionate love. Together. Wouldn’t the world be great then? But women don’t want this. Because that’s “weak” for them. biology and genetics played a grim joke on us. Yet, it is us men who are susceptible to attack. That is because we are opening themselves up during sex.

And women? They want to be fucked just as can be seen on porn movies. Well, except those known as undeveloped privileged princesses who don’t even know how their own body works and are closed, cold, unable to give themselves or their partners pleasure.

I heard a story from a colleague (38 year old guy) who was with a 28 year old girl. He told me how he was giving her an oral. She was moaning, gasping and all. And at one point, he stopped licking her. He then curiously looked up at her and there was dead silence. At that moment, he realized that she was playing. Pretending all the time that she was enjoying it.

Now, I don’t believe that this experienced guy didn’t knew how to do it. I’d rather feel that this poor slut was using her manipulation skills to pretend she had a good time in order to get this dude do whatever she wanted. This way, her disgust for men grew even further. After all, how silly and pathetic they must be? She must thought how they put their trust on her and how they believed that she was having pleasure. Stupid men! As she could distance herself from sexual pleasure, she was the true winner. They were underneath her and she was there, unmoved. A true winner!

Really? Who was the one being stupid and pathetic? The person who was giving himself truly and fully, being in the moment and able to feel and put his sexual energy in motion, or she- undeveloped childish girl- thinking of herself as a queen?

I think you already know the answer.


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