False Rape?

I’ve just stumbled upon this article: http://www.newser.com/story/223062/adult-actor-who-accused-james-deen-dead-at-31.html

…and it reminded me about how she (and others) blamed her coworker for rape.




I am not saying that every rape case is fake. Obviously it’s not. But, I am fucking tired and disgusted by fake rape claims that are always made by some pseudo-celebrity figures.

  1. Why there’s always one girl who claims she was raped and suddenly other girls are adding up? To back up her statements?
  2. The first girl was always quiet for years, because she was afraid of being blamed, right? How this is possible in the rape culture society that we are living in now? I mean, she says she was afraid to report but in fact every time when anyone reports it gets tons of help and support. It just doesn’t add up?!
  3. Women are known for their fabulous manipulation tactics. They practice lying since adolescence. They can do it almost flawlessly, in a perfect way. Since one girl wanted to take revenge on this poor dude, other sluts joined her. After all, nobody could ever undermine statements of not only one woman, but from several others. A typical male judge would not see the point why they would want to fake it. And a female judge would naturally side with women.
  4. Why the fuck a well known porn-actor would risk his career by doing something as stupid as raping a co-worker?! No logic there.


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