Gross! (All Women Are Like That)

Society told us that women are divine, precious and beautiful. They force-feed us the idea that they smell nice, take care of their hygiene and are clean. They are not. Often they are more gross and disgusting than men.

Below I present you a list of experiences that I had across my life with different girls. It’s a random list and I haven’t included all of them. Some of them were as old as 36, some as young as 21. Age means nothing.

Gross Factor

  1. One of them had a habit of peeing when we were taking shower – together! Yuck!

2. Another one had fucked up relationship with her father. Mother was the one who was the boss and she made her daughter believe that men are weak and should serve her. She was extremely closed sexually, not being able to feel her own body. A typical cold fish. I remember that I’ve tried everything to “wake her up”. Slow sex, rough sex, romantic one, massages, marijuana, aphrodisiacs, ecstasy. Everything. Effect? She was so “hot” that during one time when I started fucking her she said “ok, I don’t want it anymore” and just stopped. During the fucking middle of it! I am laughing till this day when I remind myself of that. Trust me, I am not a Casanova but I am not a virgin either. I know how it works. 😉 She did not.

3. Yet another one was chasing me all over, after several days of talking she decided that she loves me and we are destined to be together. She was approx. 29 years old and had a long history of taking drugs and going to electronic music festivals (nothing wrong with that). I remember how she was trying to convince me that oral sex is disgusting and normal sex (vaginal penetration) is not. I was like “what’s the difference between putting a dick into your ass or into your mouth? Both are intimate, and can be viewed as gross“. She was unmoved. I never actually slept with her. Decided it’s not worth my effort and her level of toxic behaviors was way over the top.

4. Other one wasn’t aware that she had to wash herself after a whole day of work. Many times she wanted to have sex. On several occasions I did it, but soon I realized that the stinky smell wasn’t coming from her socks. When I suggested to her that she had to take a shower before having sex, she literally went mad every time. She said I should rather “suggest” this by buying her new shower gel and placing it on the shelf in the bath. Of course, that didn’t worked too.

5. Other one was farting so often, that even Chad Thundercock would lost his erection.
Sleeping together became a nightmare. How you can confront your lover about things like that?! For fucks sake, do they even think?!

6. I also remember a cute 23yo who wasn’t able to do the “on top” position because “her spine was hurting her”! And she wasn’t able to do any work at all. In bed, that is. When confronted, she said that she “is like that and she won’t change”. There. Problem solved. Undeveloped nightmare. Her father left his wife when she was 10 or 11 years old. She suffered the famous “princess syndrome”. Coincidence?

7. There was one who was having a rape fantasies. You could say “hey, that’s fun!” until you realized that instead of having normal sex she requested you to beat and then rape her (this was before rape culture, hah) while she was screaming and defending herself- for real. This was the only way for her vagina to become wet. At the peak of her crazy ideas, she asked me to get a syringe, inject into vein on my hand and just let some blood flow. She would immediately become wet like a lake. She was a goth-emo (again, before emo became a thing) girl. Her mum was having cancer and her father was regularly betraying her. Coincidence? Nope.

8. Also, I’ve been with one that was rather normal… until she hit the magical age of 23 and realized how often other men are turning their heads after her. She started cheating and sleeping with different guys, sometimes she was having like 3 relationships at once. Also, she started taking expensive gifts and restaurant trips from various men. She became a slut. She even confessed that she always dreamed about having a “sugar daddy”. Indeed, one guy was paying her phone bills. It was fucking crazy. In two years, from a great 23 year old angel (her body was perfect) she became fat and ugly. Like a chicken, with a huge butt. Again, no point in having an erection. Sad story. Last thing I’ve heard from her is that she was sleeping with some ugly 40yo photographer that was making a photo-shoot for her and getting married to typical blue pill mangina, younger than her and certainly unaware that she is past the wall and needs to find someone.

9. Other one was absolutely fabulous at oral sex. Deep throat and all. My best one so far in regards to this. But, she was rather chubby and you couldn’t do anything except the set of positions when she was lying on her back. Forget doggy-style or cow girl. Also, she had a fucked up approach to religion, was extremely conservative and the first time I kissed her, she screamed “Jesus, no!” (for real!) At least, she was vulgar and liked sex. Funny thing- after a while she was giving advice to her friend about a guy that she was dating. Dude was clearly a mangina – waiting for over 3 months to have sex with her- and her advice was “let him wait!”. Enough said! Also, she repeatedly asked about cumming inside her, without a condom. Conservative Christian without a condom? No, thank you!

So, as I am thinking about this now I must admit that – fuck me – I haven’t meet a single one that was fully normal, guys. Or fitting the picture of “loving female”.

So many of them had undeveloped personalities, or fucked up family relations. But, so do we – men – and for some reason we still can turn out just fine. So my point is, how we can be with them? We aren’t looking for girls that are undeveloped and require therapy or coaching. So where are the healthy ones? There are none.

Now, you can say that of course I had bad luck (yeah, sure- bad luck for 28 years. Then I’ve stopped caring and went MGTOW. And I am still going strong after several years.)

But you can also say – All Women Are Like That.


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