Are We Afraid?



Red Male Hummingbird on Facebook  has only 100-something “likes” so far. It might be because I decided not to promote it extensively, mostly because this is a free work for everyone to enjoy, and I am not planning to earn any sort of money or popularity through it. So, the amount of “likes” and page visits is slowly growing on its own. I found this very interesting, natural and free.

However, I believe that the real reason behind this is the same as when someone tries to organize a meeting through social media channels – people are suddenly finding many excuses why they can’t attend. Same with VasaGel – over 80% of men want this project to be finished ASAP, however their Facebook page has a very small amount of “likes“(if you consider how big amount of men want that project to go forward). Are we afraid?

Funny, because there are regular (and new) people coming through my comments section on the RMH, that are not afraid of doing that even when using their own credentials – that is – name, surname and sometimes even a picture. Women are not afraid to comment, either.

To make this straight- I don’t really care how many likes I get. If you give one from yourself and support this work- I am happy. But if not- nothing bad is happening either. If I was into that, I’d pay for some promotional campaign or advertise every day. However I wonder who you are afraid of? Women? Blue Pillers/Manginas? Their reactions? I hope not. Being a man, being a MGTOW means many things but certainly it also means not being afraid to “like” a page that your heart truly resonates with.

Take it easy and have fun.


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