Mangina Tales

What if a mangina… doesn’t know that he is a mangina and thinks that he is a Man? I was once talking with an old friend. We were discussing prostitution and the benefits coming from it. At one moment, he said that “well it’s a tragedy when you fall in love with a prostitute!”. As I’ve already mentioned in one of the earlier posts, this was the end of our friendship. Right there. It took just one argument. I knew that there wasn’t going back. He went in total anger outburst, trying to prove that he isn’t someone “who cares after women” but still he posted flowers pictures for them on the Women’s Day. He later said, it was ironic. Even if, why bother? Why spent even 5 seconds thinking about the whole thing? Whether the picture was ironic or not, it was still an attention seeking.

He is very anti-social, and a total amateur when it comes to handling women. Yet, he still spends time fantasizing about girls on Facebook. He was literally sending me various profiles saying “this one is cute” or “that one is hot!”. I couldn’t cease to wonder if he was masturbating to these pics before he sent them to me, or after. It was just sad. I stopped doing stuff like that when I was – I don’t know – fifteen years old? I just couldn’t accept that. How the fuck you can even think something like that and  pretend to not be a blue pilled wanker? The one that would drop everything at the slightest promise of a LTR with any pussy available?

How a mature experienced man can even suggest something so stupid, naive and childish like “falling in love with a prostitute”? This shows me that you still completely not understand
the basics of the whole “falling in love” process, you don’t know that you do have a choice whether and with whom you do “fall in love” and that you don’t really have any clue what you’re talking about. In my opinion, you deserve to not only be a mangina, but to be alone and still in that sad limbo state, somewhere between “white knight relationship with a chubby girl that you believe is the prettiest on the planet” (because you can’t find anyone better) and being a dude addicted to internet pornography. Both states are utterly pathetic and have nothing in common with being a man. Do you really think Arnold Schwarzenegger was sitting at home and masturbating several times per day or crying that he won’t go to a hooker because he is afraid that he might fall in love with her? C’mon man! It’s funny to say this but really, you need to grow up! Haha.

Because relations with women are something more than just wanking to the photos of girls in cute poses that you can find on Facebook, my friend.

(yes, I wrote girls in cute poses and not cute girls posing – notice that! All of them got 1-2 poses in which they look cute. And they always photograph themselves in this way. Paris Hilton is the very best and most famous example of this- she always looks the same on every photo. You think it is a coincidence? It’s not. She isn’t looking that great from different angles…haha. Actually most celebrities are extremely average in terms of real beauty)

This is why you need to have specific level of understanding before you can call yourself a man. Some experiences that you will have will hurt, will be painful and tough but that’s what makes you strong. Of course, you can choose to never leave your comfort zone. Our current society (damn, people we are in 2016! And Oculus just launched! This is incredible!) have prepared many great ways for people to escape from life and themselves. But whether you take the first step on the journey and keep going is up to you. Before that happens, you will always be just a small boy.

Have a great week everyone. Datson out.


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