Weak & Alone?

We are alone.

We always were. With a brief period of magical time during our childhoods. I’ve read somewhere that it turns out that over 25% of men were abused or having toxic parents – alcoholism, drug using, poor family, jobless, and so on. Think about it. Every 1 out of 4 men never had a decent family! How the fuck we are ought to be happy, confident and healthy in our later lives? Sometimes it’s just too much work. The same goes with women – it’s even worse with them, because they are using that pussy leverage.

Relationships are just too much work. You need to be holding frame 24 hours per day.

Everyone is saying – “OK, don’t whine to women there is no point and you can do this to your male friends instead”. Men are fine but did you ever heard that anyone cried on other men shoulder?
Yeah you can do it and then everyone will be laughing your ass off you as the one being “weak” (even if inside they feel the same).

We are all just pretending pretending pretending. That our lives are interesting. That we are having the time of our life. Most of us live mediocre, day-to-day lives without spectacular events in them. Women can go and cry after a breakthrough and it’s okay. They have their emotional tampon friends, both females and males. Men go and die on battlefields, but we need to be “tough”. Females got it easier and can go all cry-baby if they only want. For us it’s not OK to be emotional. For us it’s “be a man” but also: “gender equality (whenever it suits women)”.

Being an MGTOW doesn’t mean you aren’t an asshole.

I’ve already seen a bunch of ignorant, egoistic arse-holes being or pretending to be MGTOWs. Well let me tell you this: MGTOW is not some sort of magical formula that makes a man great. If someone has a shitty personality he can still be a mangina or a MGTOW and it won’t affect it.
We are whining just like they are – about us. Women are constantly telling themselves everything about men, their relationships, intimate things. Turns out that a big part of MGTOW community does the same. I am part of it, too! I confess. You see, it’s still better to do this, than when few blue pillers meet for a beer (because their wives allowed it! haha!) and one or two of them tells a flat joke about how “women are…” they all laugh in a refrained silent way. Then someone just change the topic because they don’t want to “go into it” too much. After the meeting every single one of them tells a complete report to his wife. Like a testimony. A confession. “Oh honey, you won’t believe – Jack said a joke about his wife today, he was laughing that she never cleans the house!”. She: “oh really? And what kind of joke you told about ME?”; Mangina:“honey, I wouldn’t ever done that to you!”


We are weak.

At least, most of us. Pretending that women don’t have any power over us, but if a perfect HB 9 came over to you, a good part of us would still drop everything and go have sex with her. Addiction to women is real. How you can be able to stop caring about their opinions if you cannot defeat your addiction to drugs or alcohol? Or smoking? Which is basically inhaling toxic fumes into your lungs? Get real for a moment. MGTOW also means growing as a human being. And I am not saying that everyone should live in the same way. Or be healthy. If you want to be ill, be ill. Just stop complaining about one area of your life when other ones are being constantly fucked up by you, too.

Development should contain every area of one’s life. From health, through mental side to relationships with other people. Otherwise, you’ll be like a cup being endlessly filled with water due to small holes at the bottom of it.


9 thoughts on “Weak & Alone?

  1. Agreed! It’s like I’ve always said: it isn’t GTOW, it is MEN going their own way. It is about self-actualization. I’m starting to think we need a name for the MGTOW you are talking about. Something like “WHA MGTOW” — Women Hating A**holes”. They are the types that sound like babies: “Wha! Women Bad! Wha! Wha!”

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  2. I liked the “pretending pretending pretending” comment. Unfortunately because of things like FaceSpace, MyBook, and Selfies (the picture kind), people seem to believe that the fantasy they show to the world, is really how things should be. The unrealistic expectations of how exciting things should be all the time, is a significant part of why relationships don’t seem to last anymore. That and not being willing to accept other people’s feelings/issues, and labeling them as “drama”, while expecting everyone to put up with all of our issues, makes it harder for relationship to last. If the most important person in your life is always yourself, no one else will ever really be important to you.

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  3. Notice that it also takes away the mystery from the dating scene – inexperienced male adds his dating prospect to FB and suddently she knows everything about him- his friends, interests, likes. There’s nothing left for her to discover and she leaves (or already knows how to get huge leverage over him). This is also why I stopped using FB and updating the wall. It doesn’t serve any purpose. I pity teenagers in our current world – they cannot escape from this social-media curse in a way than older men still can.

    Also women see “fake” lives on walls of others. Because they often lie on their own walls – they cannot distinguish whether others are lying, too. They want to be continuously entertained. Of course expecting this is already something unrealistic. But they are too spoiled to notice their own lack of grounding.


  4. It’s more like SimCity than reality. I’ve seen a few people post all sorts of wonderful things, know that their backstory is pretty sad. Deleted all of my accounts awhile ago, and am much better off not reading about their faux-lives.

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