It’s Your Fault!

You fucked it up!

It’s your fault. It’s women’s fault.

So many of you are saying “where all the good men went?“. Especially after you’ve hit the magical “30’s”. Well, I am going to answer this for you. As it goes with women: the “good ones” are already married. The bad ones are young and having fun sucking various cocks. Some of them actually really believe in love. The only thing is that the “bad ones” turn into “good ones” as soon as they want to get married or settle down. Funny, heh?

So, the “good” men – are in fact the blind ones. All of the manginas, blue pillers and so on. They are either carrying marriage chains on their necks or jumping from one long term relationship to the another. Either way – they don’t exist on the dating market. Which is flawed by itself, by the way. It’s like a circus. And the most obnoxious fact is that men are still chasing (extremely cheap – just go to places like Berlin or Amsterdam!) pussy that every woman carries. Where did our pride went? A typical mangina won’t go to a call girl because he is basically too scared of women. He is too scared of himself. He believes that the woman should be put on a pedestal. Or saved- because if she’s selling her pussy, she must be a victim!


And the very same woman has nothing to offer except her vagina. You will say that “men are assholes, too!“. Yes, they are. Some of them. But a good amount are not. There are some pretty decent folks out there. And you kill their beliefs. You force them to slowly dissolve their belief in love, relationship after relationship. It is nothing wrong to go in line with your biological imperative and want sex (as a man) or to have kids (as a woman). What make it fucked up is the way you are behaving towards us.

When men are young they believe in love. Period. They are hopeful, romantic, dedicated and also vulnerable. They either learn and grow up or they become easy prey for you. Because you fucking go and bulldoze their feelings! And we have them, you know? The very fact you’ve had nothing in your head and you require teaching on basic things (like how to behave or how to communicate in a loving way) doesn’t prevent you from being responsible for your actions. How to suck a cock is not the most important skill that you should learn as a woman! Most of you don’t even know how to do it, anyway! This is just ridiculous! And you expect to be treated like princesses? Hahaha, good one!

But in reality you feel shocked, that we even have any demands! You have already forgotten where you were 100 years ago?

But it could be so much better! In fact, it’s so easy, really. Just act with empathy and don’t be a cunt. Offer something. Give back something. You know why after a certain age men become grim, unmoved and not prone to cite you love letters anymore? It’s because of your fucked up actions. You’re getting away with everything you want. You betrayed us, lied to us, sabotaged us, were unloyal, unloving, and bitchy. Dozens of times. Ungrateful. And guess what, we’ve learned. We don’t need you anymore. We don’t want you. Your company is worthless. You cannot stop us. It’s going to be futile, anyway.

You’re really not acting in a way that would point towards intelligence. And the irony is that it could be so good between us, so easy! Relationships between humans could be so much more than they are now- just a fancy way to use each other. Maybe except the very first period of meeting a new person. Our biases and preconceptions torture us on both sides but you see- a man can cut out his libido from the rest of his love. A woman – can’t. You could never love us for who we are, anyway.


It’s your fault that you’ve made us that way. We need to stop believing in love because in it’s current shape it doesn’t exist. I don’t want to believe in lies. Or, describe my fantasies and dreams like they are something real. Just like you don’t even know what it is that you’re looking in a man and then go for someone who is wrong for you. Or, you fall in love with a fantasy, and then wait and do nothing when a relationship turns out to be toxic. You need to have healthy standards. How you can have them if you are not healthy yourself? You need to become the person you want to be with. If you want a loving relationship, you must be a loving person – it won’t work otherwise. That’s how this universe works. But you’re too stupid to change anything. You’re too comfortable. After all, you can always have another worthless relationship, right? And then blame everything on men. Even though it is your responsibility to choose a partner wisely.

The fact that you have a pussy is not enough. You need to be developed. You need to have a good personality. You need to be healthy and confident, also in a healthy way. You need to be emphatic. To have a good sense of humour. You need to be free from addictions and toxic behaviors. You need to learn to not talk badly about others. And to have some structure in yourself. Morals, values & code of conduct. You just need to be a fully developed, mentally stable adult woman- conscious of your own sexuality and not being afraid to openly communicate about your emotions and feelings. Have anyone ever seen or meet some woman like that? 

I am sure women are already laughing when reading this. Because their own “lists” (when they are dating a man) are even longer. And often closed with unconscious statements like “you need to have money” and so on. You see, you need to deal with it. You need to offer more than your body for a fraction of the time to have a man like me spend time with you.

You’re no longer a prize.

I am.


…and now I’m off to my short weekend break to enjoy some cheap pussy. That’s all they can offer us, for now. Have fun, MGTOWers.


5 thoughts on “It’s Your Fault!

  1. You make a lot of valid points. Women don’t think about what they have to offer. They never felt like they had to because men chase, women choose. Men have always been the ones qualifying themselves to women. That’s the nature of it, but women should think about what they bring to the table. That sometimes means taking a long, hard look at themselves and the choices they make. They are giving away their vagina to these no good dudes which makes these guys believe they can get away with treating women like shit. Women need to work on total self improvement, meanwhile raising their standards and keeping the no goods away from their lady bits and stop taking shit from them. Once women do that, men will straighten up.

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    1. Exactly. Currently they don’t need to offer anything at all. Maybe a little bit of their pussies at the beginning of the relationship (when they want to offer it anyway). They think we are so privileged to be with them, right? Of course, they always say they are looking for a “good personality, a good man” but what they respond to emotionally is a different story! I believe it’s time we as a human race should finally move forward with evolution. On one side we have things like Hyperloop from Elon Musk being already tested, from the other- our relationships are looking like we were still living in caves.


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