Rules of the Game


Rules of the Game

The rules are set. Either you play according to the rules or you don’t play at all. We have to concede to women. There’s no other option. They aren’t more wise than us but we are just acting stupid.

Pussy Whipped. One of my readers recently wrote to me. He asked me about how “normal” women view prostitution. He asked me to cover this topic. Well, I must admit that when I was visiting Red Light Districts in Germany or Netherlands they indeed were a lively centers of the cities. They weren’t some sort of murky dark and dangerous places where only the most desperate or brave men go. Not at all. When walking around these districts you could easily see normal passers by there. A lot of couples were there too, just casually strolling. You know how it looks for example in Amsterdam, where the working girls are standing in the broad view? I remember that other women were looking at them like “why are you doing this? Why are you selling the most valuable thing that we have to offer? For like, literally free?” and they were often disgusted. I admit that some were curious, too But most were like “okay I am soo much better than this, I don’t have to do this“. Yet, not even one of them would change anything in their behavior to be better girlfriends for their boyfriends. They are all sluts, basically.

Women aren’t even held responsible across Western Culture anymore. Why the “pregnancy trap” isn’t something that women are being prosecuted for? It is being deceitful and a fraud, right? Men go into jail for a fraud. Especially a fraud that forces someone to do something for life (like taking care of the child, which is something that requires a lifelong dedication). United Arab Emirates still keeps it right- women have limited power, and recently one of them was prosecuted for spying on her husband’s phone. But of course, we aren’t able to move to UAE. There are other lifestyle changes that come with living there, too. 😉

And men? Well, we are not much better. In fact, most of men are being completely bamboozled by women over there. When they see a bit of a woman’s naked body they enter some sort of a drugged trance-like state. I assume biology made us this way but at the same point it is really sad too see how easy we are being controlled by females. On one side we are complaining that women are sluts, and that they are “easy” sleeping one night stands when being drunk but who is fucking these women? We are!
Life is crazy. Death is crazy too.  Even our own biological imperatives are crazy! Move beyond them and realize that life doesn’t have any sense. And thinking about it doesn’t make it any better, either. We are looking to find a meaning in our life. But the meaning cannot be a prison. It cannot be something limiting us. The meaning of our life cannot be our prison. Women are limiting us, and they will always continue to do this.

This means women cannot be the meaning of your life. They can act maybe as a cherry on the cake – a temporary pleasant addition to your already fulfilled life. She won’t help you build this life, you need to do it on your own. And then, if you’re able to handle it, you can have some encounters with women. Not before that, because she’ll distract you way too much for you to be able to concentrate on your own career or passions.

I want my life to have a meaning.

Long time ago I believed that it was god. Then, that it was this big love, the female love. That I am supposed to find my “second half” and this would made my life meaningful. It was so stupid, so ignorant… so simple! It just had to be fake.

I desperately want to find my meaning! We’ve all heard this stuff before, yeah? The longer I live, the more I start to wonder whether this whole “find your life’s purpose” ethos is a myth being endlessly repeated by life coaches, new age motivational speakers and psychologists. All of them are saying that “they’ve found their own life’s purpose and that was becoming… a life coach!”. Such irony. Or maybe they’ve just found an easy way to earn money? Because people are so damn lost nowadays. Everyone wants to hear some good words and get little comfort.

Our friends are shallow, our relationships weak, our own strength of will is often non-existent. We are going to lose everything we have or will ever gain. Health, colleagues, lovers. And we all die at the end. It is so sad that it is funny at the same time.

We all want to find our purpose. This big thing, that once found will stay with us till the very end. Just like that unicorn, non-existent ideal woman. That fantasy which will never come true but will always be lingering at the back of our head. You see, the reality works in a different way. Very few people actually find what they want to do in life and often this is connected with a family lineage. If your father was a doctor, you could do the same thing. But in order to choose that life path, you need to be forced into studying medicine from the very young age. Either by yourself or your parents. Because let’s say that out loud – once you’re 20 you don’t have a fucking clue what you want to do in life or what life is about. You might have some sort of idea about that, but you will probably change it in a few years anyway.

Later in life you realize that it is impossible to find one or two things that will ultimately satiate your thirst and become a life-long passion. You rather try some new activities like painting or playing a piano and if you find them cool and rewarding you work on them for some time and then you move along to do and try something new because you just becoming bored. This usually happens every five years. I’ve read somewhere that this is the time required to master any given skill, if you practice hard.

So there it is. Life has no meaning, no purpose. And passions or women aren’t it, too. Sex isn’t it, believe me. It is just a small part of human relationships.

So what’s left?

Well, everything else and between. In it’s simplicity life can be the most mysterious thing that I’ve ever experienced. And I am sure that even in a world without god, love or lasting passions you can say the same thing, too. This thing we call life is still so beautiful, deep and incredible that I refuse to leave the ship once my time is out.

Enjoy it.



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