There is a different Love

Just be a man

We all know this saying: “Stop being a pussy. Stop expecting a woman to be your mother. Just stop“. And it is true. If you are constantly bragging about mediocre problems to her, she won’t be with you for long. If it is something that even your mates wouldn’t want to listen all the time – she won’t either. You might say that you just share everything because this is what relationships are about, right? Wrong! Woman won’t be in her feminine state unless you are in your masculine. This is how both energies between us works. You don’t need to accept this fact, but you will suffer consequences of not accepting it anyway. The choice is yours. Of course, if she is unhealthy or toxic then you shouldn’t spend your time with her at the first place. But that’s another story. Whether the whole thing is worth your time is also another thing.

Women don’t know men

Women don’t know anything at all about men. And that’s not even the point. The most important fact is that they don’t need to know anything about us or our nature. They can always get a replacement and it is us who are trying to concede to them, not the other way around. They simply don’t care. They don’t need to care. And we encouraged this behavior in them, too. Now they can get a divorce and a huge pay check if the marriage don’t go the way it should (for them). But this means that they need to marry up first. For this they need a man. Almost any given man will do, unfortunately. They don’t know why we behave the way we are, they don’t care what we think or how we feel. They only care about what we do – for them. And how we feel -to the extent of how this in turn makes them feel.

The moment you show them weakness, they lose respect and leave you (even if you’re David Hasselhoff or Brad Pitt) 

It doesn’t matter what it is. Whether you lost a good paying job or just discovered that you have a rare genetic disease which will affect quality of your life. You can say about it, once. Maybe twice. Then she’ll come and say something like “oh I am sorry, I am sure you going to be okay”. After three times she’ll say “oh what about our holidays, are you excited that we are going?“. Just like she was trying to cover up bad news. On the fourth time she will already start separating from you. Putting up an emotional wall. So that your eventual failure won’t affect her. Being a man is hard. Because you must listen to her bragging daily. For a little bit of a pussy and often crappy companionship.

You can of course share bad news with your male-colleagues, but what that would change? They aren’t living your life with you and they are not your “second half”, right? So, why it is that often they have more understanding and patience than your beloved woman? Well, of course on the surface there’s all that romantic love bullshit. But underneath, she is with you only if you are healthy and being able to provide to her whatever she needs. Might be emotional, financial, intellectual. Or all of that.

If your disability is invisible (like a heart disease) better never tell her about it because she won’t date you anymore. If you have a visible one – like a malfunctioning limb, leg or arm etc. then you’re done. You might have the most beautiful mind and perfect body but if that one leg doesn’t work like the other- you’re done with dating market my friend. Fair, you can say. Of course, in a case a girl is sick men always rush to help her heal faster. We are just acting stupid sometimes. But where’s the line? If you won’t do it, then you are becoming a cold, unemphatic asshole.

There’s a different love

In this sad and beautiful world there’s hope. I don’t want to sound too metaphysical but apart from our fake romantic love, there’s a bigger one. A different love. The one that transcends human interactions. Love to and from animals. Love of life. Love of freedom. Of human spirit. Of the universe and all of the mysteries that are out there. Or inside, right here! At the very bottom of your heart. We might suck in our relationships and as a human race. It might be tough not being able to believe in love between the sexes but that doesn’t mean something bigger and more profound doesn’t exist in the universe we live in. Something that is more powerful than our personal love.

I won’t be denying myself happiness and feeling awe as a human male just because our genders can’t get along well.


8 thoughts on “There is a different Love

  1. It’s this universal love that I have that drives me and gives me happiness. It is universal love that attracts women to me like a moth to the flame. This is the love that allows me to build a family with a woman that wants to bear MY children, not just HAVE children.

    Congratulations, you are coming out of your slumber.

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    1. Maybe I’ve never left? But please elaborate what you mean by this *It is universal love that attracts women to me like a moth to the flame.* Maybe this is how men fool themselves because otherwise life becomes unbearable – without god, love or true friendship there’s nothing left? You see, I don’t want a family. Any women that would want to have kids with ME would only mean that I am conceding to her in the right way, so that she decides I’m worthy more than Mr Jones from the other street.


  2. Don’t be fooled, bookooball – family means her and her child. A male is just a provider for life. A tool. In case you become sick or fail at any given point, relationship ends with a bitter end for you. Every time. This has nothing to do with being partners, or with love. It’s pure opportunism for women. I don’t hate them for it, that’s their biological imperative. They proably don’t even think about it. But it’s not worth it. It’s not worth my time, money, freedom and everything. I don’t get much in return for becoming a slave for her. Maybe except when you cannot find meaning in your life. Then you probably should consider having kids.


  3. What difference does it make if you know that a woman wants to have kid with you
    instead of someone else? “oh he is so manly, I want to have kids with him?” (on a purpose I don’t use “I want to have his kid!” because this is just brain-washing. Women know that men “only” provide semen.)

    Do you feel proud? Even if, the pride evaporates as soon as you’ll realize that you’re stuck with one woman and her clone, to which she has almost 100% ownership rights, for 25 years. It’s a death sentence. Unless you really don’t have any other ideas for living your own life.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s nothing personal – I am just asking and speaking out loud how it is.


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