A word on Johny Depp and Amber Heard divorce

Times has changed

I am pretty sure everyone already heard about Johny Depp divorcing his wife, Amber Heard. Or rather she is divorcing him, because she filled in the papers. Divorcing someone like Johny Depp is a pretty bold move. Doing it so quickly after the marriage is even bolder. But making this move days after his mother has died is just being a pure cunt.

This case perfectly shows us how conditions now are very different from those of the past. In the Victorian era, no woman would ever divorce a man. More over, no woman would leave a man of such high social status as Mr Depp. She is leaving him, but he will pay his own money to her.

Now imagine how it would be if a man would leave a woman like that. He’d need to pay, too! This system is just flawed. And for what, exactly? Why a 30 year old woman should receive alimony, if they don’t have kids? Does she is unable to work full time and support herself? Mr Depp and Mrs Heard did not have a pre-nup and he now faces paying out as much as $50 million for the 15-month marriage. I hope her pussy was worth it. She isn’t even that pretty. Every ordinary girl with enough make up, money and pampering could transform and do a photo-shoot like this below.


Who is she, anyway? Did anyone heard about her before? Now, as the story unfolds on this Friday, she made another bold move. Newspapers taglines read:

“Bruised Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of hitting her: Actor’s wife files domestic violence restraining order against him and submits photo showing large bruise on her face as evidence”

“Amber Heard, 30, has filed a domestic violence restraining order against her estranged husband Johnny Depp in a California court”

“The actress submitted a photo of a large bruise around her eye as evidence in her claim that was reportedly taken on Saturday after Depp hit her”

“Heard claims Depp offered to buy her silence but she instead made the decision to file for divorce two days later, on Monday morning”

“Depp responded to her divorce petition on Wednesday and asked that Heard pay her own attorney fees and not be granted spousal support. ‘Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life,’ said a Depp rep. A source close to the couple said after the court filing; ‘This was only the latest incident’ ”

Oh, so he was beating her up! Now, that’s okay then. It explains it all! First of all, how many times we’ve all heard of similar incidents? Again, woman can hit a man but man cannot hit a woman. Maybe she deserved it. Maybe it was all planned. Or pre-planned. After all, if he will hit her it’s even better! Best publicity stunt, all-right?

Now, if you cannot respect your man and you show him a big middle finger 3 days after he loses his mother saying “I am after your money!” instead- you deserve at least a slap in your face.

Next chain of events is pretty obvious – it happens every time. Her twitter feed already shows posts from ordinary manginas or shocked women like

eah ‏@asexualmurphy
major respect for amber heard for speaking up about this like she was probably well aware of what would happen when the story was released

alicia ‏@whouffaldi
if you accuse amber heard of lying/being a gold digger then you are an advocate of abuse no matter the outcome

…and so on.

I am asking where is the picture of Mr Depp heart, for sure broken after what she did to him?! Oh, you can’t portray that so easy!
Of course, she was also spotted at Tiffany’s doing shopping. What a cunt, I tell you! What a cunt!


Well maybe it is worthy reminding you guys what she was saying just before:


“Nothing is a dramatic change. We’ve been together for a long time now, so it’s been a fairly organic process,” Heard insists. “I have a fiercely independent spirit.”

Regarding her husband, she adds, “I fall in love again and again.”

Wait a minute, nothing about domestic violence by then? What a cunt!

update: http://www.tmz.com/2016/05/27/amber-heard-johnny-depp-cops-no-injuries/ cops say no evidence of injuries 


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