After sex a woman know everything about you

We are giving value to women

We are enabling them to act like they act nowadays. What would be left for them to conquer if we wouldn’t do that? Women, even if they cannot find a mate, never change. They won’t change themselves. If for example she is stuck in dead end job surrounded by toxic people she still won’t do anything. In most cases, she’ll stay right there and wait for her personal White Knight. And, to my surprise, in some cases this really happens. Blue Pill paradise!

I get it. In order to be in a relationship, one side must be dominating. So you must hold the frame almost all the time. You cannot be relaxed when you are spending time with her. You cannot slip through her net. Fair enough. This is because during sex she is receptive and you’re the one taking control. At least, that is how it should be. This is why they are poor at sex and don’t understand mutual love making. They need to go on tantra courses to discover that sex is something more than just spreading legs and (poorly done) sucking.

After sex a woman know everything about you 

This is true. Woman after sex can still somehow remain “mysterious” and un-discovered to the male. But he, a “typical male”, is lying right there completely vulnerable to her (and naked in every way). Women use this knowledge against men, to blackmail them, to sabotage, to gossip and to gather information about you which they will use later on. If you have issues like premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, problems with erection, small penis, etc etc etc. you’re basically fucked from the start. And please don’t give me that “NAWALT” bullshit.

The best thing is to not talk too much. If you will talk too much, she will use that knowledge against you and towards her own personal goals. This is why mature men speak less. Remember that when a mystery is gone, the control starts to shift towards her. The more she knows about you, the bigger her knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses the lesser your chance of having your way with her.


Women won’t understand it

They won’t understand why older men want less sex and have smaller libido. This is because with every orgasm (and unloading our semen) we are losing precious energy. Which isn’t replaced as quickly as when we were in our twenties. They won’t understand the principle of conserving energy (I’d rather keep that additional energy for myself and dealing with my life than giving it away for free or to a woman) nor they care about it or want to understand it. They just want their goals met- in this case this is sexual satisfaction.

Another thing is that why exactly we are listening to females? Let’s say you’re in a relationship and a girl says something like “can you refill the car when you’ll be driving near gas station?“. If it was your male friend first time you’d say “ok sure“. Second time “yeah, I can do it“. Third time “wait a minute, why the fuck you can’t go and do it yourself?!“. For some reason we aren’t acting like that towards females. And I wonder why?! Why we are allowing to be controlled like small kids. For what, exactly? Their gratitude? Because otherwise they will “leave us”? Or won’t give us their pussies? Or go to someone else? They tend to say how privileged we are so that we are allowed to be with them. We should be grateful for this huge gift that is their lazy silly presence. Hahaha, what a joke!


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