Les Miserables – Addictions and Toxic Habits

Stop killing yourself, stop disrespecting your temple (that is- your body), grow some serious strength of character and will power. Do this by continuous practice and never giving up. Persistence. Resilience. Endurance.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths”. This man knows what he is talking about.

Get rid of your toxic friends, the ones that never achieved anything or are just pulling you down. Instead of going drinking every weekend and talking bullshit how you gonna go hiking next weekend with other similar people (and repeating the whole pattern next week) go and actually do it! You ever wondered why advertising for cigarettes or alcohol always show “exciting people having adventures of their life while travelling or doing cool things (like surfing, cycling, etc?)”. That is because such activities release dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. The molecules of happiness. But government and corporations selling these poisons know that. They also know that alcohol does the same. But it also kills you instead of making you healthy as the activities mentioned above.

Youth ends up faster than you think it does! They want you to waste your youth, they want you to be addicted! They want you to be miserable, because Les Miserables are their most valued customers!

I don’t drink because it doesn’t make me feel good. I can’t drink, not because I’m afraid of losing control, but because it doesn’t work. I choose to not drink because I know I don’t want to, instead of, I can’t drink even though I want to. The fact is, alcohol stopped being a reward a long time ago, well before I realized that it just kills your brain cells. Using alcohol to numb ourselves is part learning disorder—no matter how many times we “learn” that the substance offers no real reward, we keep using it. We hold it in high regard; we give weight to it.

I am not saying that everyone that loves alcohol is an alcoholic. A lot of people are addicted, flowing in that low-grade level addiction that does not cause any “obvious and visible” harm to their lives, except for an occasional hangover (like losing your job etc.). Alcohol is a drug, it is a toxin and yeah it is highly addictive. Beneficial? Maybe one glass of wine per month? Sure. But not as often as majority of people are doing it. Most of them are really nice people and I like them, but they encourage self-destructive behavior.

Levels of MGTOW

I’ve already heard about “four levels of MGTOW“. To me, it feels a bit phony. The final level should be “going completely monk-mode, removing yourself from the society and any contacts with women whatsoever”. I mean, what the fuck? Are we going our own way or we are some sort of anti-social loners that don’t want to work on their weak sides?

Let me tell you what I think about the growing MGTOW community. And you don’t need to like it.

In my opinion, there are three main groups of people that consider themselves to be MGTOW.

The first group consist of men who basically were fucked over during marriage and divorce. They were (and in most cases, still are) the biggest beta-blue-piller-manginas believing in all this “other half – love” BS and ignoring every contradicting signals on the way to their horrible marriages. They deserved it. So, they got fucked over by their loving wives but now they’ve learned their lessons. They are going through the divorce or already got one. Now they are mighty MGTOWs… preaching how stupid they were. Obviously, they’ll advocate cutting out every relationships with women. I don’t envy them and I clearly see from where they are coming out. They should be more wise before marrying up.

The second group consist of mostly very young inexperienced boys (18-26) who are either still a virgins or had their first few experiences with females which didn’t exactly went the way they thought it will. So, now they are mighty MGTOWs– at least on the social media forums…  preaching how they have everything handled by now (of course, until their mummy calls them to clean up the living room downstairs). I don’t even need to go into the details why they haven’t truly figured anything out yet.

The third group consist of adult men (let’s say 30yo upwards) who are attractive, confident and successful and have a broad range of experience with women, relationships and sex overall yet they still choose to go MGTOW and stay away from marriage/kids/long term relationships/living with women. I belong to this group. To me it feels natural. The young kids don’t know what they don’t know. The damaged and hurt blue pillers don’t have a clear view. Their bruised feelings obstruct the view. They need to heal and be able to love again before they will be able to say that they don’t want to do it anymore.



Yet, with all this knowledge that I have… somehow I still feel incomplete. Maybe this is our own biological paradigm? This thing that we feel complete only when we are together with someone, when we share happiness (because it is true that it’s best when shared) and when we serve someone? Just as E.Villar pointed this out? Men are wanting to be enslaved? This is our nature?

If anyone thinks that I should deliberately limit my own life by deciding to not experience anything involving females, sex, or relationships with them at any level is just fooling himself. This can work only in theory. In practice, you cannot avoid having female colleagues, work-mates and lovers. A normal healthy man cannot avoid this. He would not want to avoid this. When I will be old, I want to have good memories. I want to remind myself how I feverishly fucked that 23yo Dutch girl rather than how I spend my whole weekend at home doing nothing (out of fear of meeting women).

The only way that is left

…is to figure out how to do it so that at the end, the pregnancy trap won’t catch us. At the end of the day, we are all going to die. You can sit all the time at home with your personal hate and disgust towards women growing stronger. Or you can go out, have fun with them, play with them, fuck them – but keep your own boundaries. I don’t want to spend my life as a loner. I want to have more friends. Both females and males. I am a human, and I feel the need to be complete. The fact that there are not enough good quality women out there is a whole other story.

I know that a lot of MGTOWs already feel the same way I do. But they are afraid to speak out, as the mob will try to silence them down. MGTOW is also about freedom of speech, so please do remember that. Security of the group is for those who are too weak to speak up their own truth.


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