Caution! Women Inside.




To deep?

Dear friends, 

Are we overthinking this whole MGTOW thing? How would my friends or colleagues react when they would realize what are my true opinions? I’d become an instant outcast! “That guy who hates women!”, “Misogynist”, “Asshole“. Of course I’d be “tagged” mostly by other male “friends“. Manginas, Blue Pillers. White Knights. The sad core of our fucked up civilization where real men almost don’t exist. Where are they? Are they serving for the Army? Elite soldiers? Lone scientists? Dedicated artists? Perhaps…

Of course I have already learnt to keep my opinions to myself unless there are significant signals that someone has a similar world view. But again, he’ll probably come up to the very same conclusion – and he won’t share his views openly, too.

We are so weak.


Please, give me some love! I am so insecure. I am needy. Please, love me! I want some love, please!

This is how most men are. It’s depressing. And women? They don’t have any morals! They lie, fake and do disgusting things. All women are like that!

Below, I present you a few recent examples for your own reading pleasure. I have a female colleague, Kristi. She has another female friend, let’s call her Anna. Anna is a 30yo professional working in a HR department of a medium-sized company. Recently, Anna:

  • Was in a relationship with a boyfriend. Instead of ending the relation in a normal mature way she got drunk and hooked up with a work-mate when she was on a business trip in London.
  • Then, she decided to purposefully fall in love with that new work-mate. After he realized how rotten she is, he split up with her (applause!). She went into 4 months of depression. Oh, dear!
  • During that time, she was drinking heavily and hooking up with random guys.
  • She also decided to lose some weight. Did she started a new healthy diet? No. She vomited her last meal, regularly. What a great way! She also spread this mature way of losing weight to my female colleague (Kristi).
  • She is now dating another dude, but this time “it’s serious”.

In the meantime, Kristi also lost some weight. Guess which method she used to do that? Why work on yourself when you can have the best of both worlds? That is, to eat a dougnut and them vomit it? Oh my god it’s so stupid that when I am writing this it feels just unreal. Kristi is currently dating Mr Needy.  She is:

  • Unable to spot any Red Flags and decide to not be involved in a rather unhealthy relationship with him. She probably don’t know what a healthy one is, because her last four LTRs were just that- toxic.
  • She faked orgasm during her first night with that guy, enforcing him in his wrong ways. She later on kept telling me how horrible he was in bed. Logic, anyone?
  • By the way, Kristi has 38 years on her calendar. You’d expect mature behavior from a woman like this, right? Wrong! Every woman becomes mad!

One of my old lovers (her name is Jessica) recently began a long term relationship with a truly massive mangina. I would publish his picture here so you could understand what I mean, but for obvious reasons I can’t. I’d spare you a laugh this time. I wasn’t talking with her for almost a year. We exchanged several messages on FB last week because I was visiting her country and she was on my mind for a while. Conversation went well, but suddenly she removed me from her friends list and blocked the option to add her again in the future. Maybe it was her current boyfriend, afraid of her talking with any other guy? (how about some nice crispy insecurities for a breakfast, anyone?) Or maybe it was her, afraid that somehow I could tell her current partner what she did with me back then? Of course, she pretends to be a classy girl. Really. You wouldn’t believe how classy they all are! Oh and btw, she is already pregnant. I bet it was planned!

Another old friend of mine, Casey. She betrayed her boyfriend, too. She was with him for over two years. It “happened” because he didn’t loved her. When asked about this, she confessed that she didn’t told him that she loved him, either. She wasn’t sure whether she loved him. So, she betrayed him with her work colleague (do you guys see a pattern here? Never date girls from work! It’s a receipt for a grim tragedy and often involve females who cannot meet guys through other, more normal ways!). She told him that her boyfriend is aggressive and she had to spend last week sleeping at her friends house because she was afraid of him! At the same time, when her BF realized something was wrong she told him that the other guy was a drug dealer and they just kissed, nothing else! They fucked that night, instead. Creative imagination, anyone? The dude from her work was young and naive, he believed her story. Why she would lie to him, after all? What was funny is that Casey’s boyfriend somehow managed to get the phone number of that guy from her work and arranged to meet with him! The dude agreed to that because he was afraid what’s happening with Casey, as she left work and nobody saw her for a week. He was really concerned but also increasingly suspicious. Always trust your intuition!

After both of them meet by such strange twist of fate everything came out on the surface. The truth. After she realized how she fucked it up, she suddenly announced her BF that she has already fallen in love with the other guy. And they both believed her. D’oh!


This is how most of our beloved women are. Saying “NAWALT!” is stupid. Exceptions do not undermine the rule. If 9 out of 10 steps were covered with acid, you wouldn’t walk over them without protective shoes thinking that “well, not every step is covered in acid!”, right? You would be wearing a hazmat suit all the time.

Yet, we need to bear in mind that as MGTOWs we are limiting our capacity to love. We can still love a dog, an idea, a piece of music, or even a woman but we need to finally realize that being a man in a modern world (and probably – always in every moment of mankind history!) we will never be loved back. There will be no reciprocation. Deal with it or die a mangina death! And don’t forget to wear your hazmat suit.



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