Mr Needy



We all know how many silly, immature women are out there. But do we even truly realize how many needy, insecure men are out there? One of my female colleagues is currently dating a 33 year old dude. This is the list of things he did, trying to make her fall in love with him:

  • For the first date he invited her for a group date to a concert with his friends from work – something that only a true mangina would ever do! If you want to date a girl, you ask her out on your own and organize intimate time with her. Somewhere where you two can talk and get to know each other. You don’t go to a noisy concert where everyone is getting drunk (or to a cinema, when you cannot really talk!)
  • At his work (they are working together) he was telling everybody that he likes her and asking what they think about her and whether he really should ask her for a date – a huge no! First of all you shouldn’t date girls from work. Just don’t do it. It’s a bad idea. Second thing- this way before she’ll ever hear from him everyone else would tell her everything out. 
  • After they got drunk (haha, told you!) on that concert, he kissed her. – He didn’t know who she is, and couldn’t do it sober. That shows up he is weak.
  • When finally he invited her for a night, he didn’t slept with her. He said that she really likes to pleasure ladies through oral. – Just WTF, dude?!
  • He kept saying things like “I have a boner” or “I am horny” on random occasions – Again, WTF? Just pathetic. 
  • He started talking about “relationship” and “how he wants to have a family” after few meetings. – That’s just inexperienced behavior which is lowering her level of attraction. A girl don’t want to hear about relationship before she’ll get to know the guy first and warm up to him emotionally. Vomiting his feelings over her makes him look insecure and needy. 
  • After she came back from a short break from work (she went overseas for a weekend) he was constantly insisting that he’ll meet with her at the airport. Then, when she told him she is very tired, he kept asking about meeting six or seven times anyway. He was pushing through, even that she clearly stated she don’t want to meet “but I’d really wanted to see you if only for 10 minutes!”needy behavior, anyone?
  • She told me that he has already put her drawings (she is a drawer) on his phone as a wallpaper. He continuously talks to her in a patronizing manner – like he was her father. He stated that he will be checking city center shops for bargains on clothes and letting her know. – I don’t even know what to think of it?
  • Finally, he said it out loud – “I don’t want you to think that I am needy!” and “Oh, so you didn’t run away yet, you know different people like different things!” – that was when she decided to give him a chance and keep dating for a while. Think for a while. If a guy wasn’t needy, would he go to a girl and say “I don’t want you to think that I am needy?”. Of course not.

It’s a huge collection of Red Flags, don’t you think? What do you think of this guy? Is he a mangina, a typical blue pill or rather a controlling, insecure freak?





5 thoughts on “Mr Needy

  1. Shamefully, I’ve conducted something similar to this before. Maybe not to this extent, but looking back on it feels me with rage.

    To stoop so low and become a doormat apparently is the right thing to do, in the eyes of society of course.

    I recently posted about the need for abundance mentality to be utilised. Check it out if you have the time.

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