Corey Wayne

Hello fellow MGTOWs. Please note that I publish an article two days before my usual Thursday update as I’m flying off for a short break to Spain. Enjoy it and thank you for being here.


Mr Corey Wayne

A lot of you probably heard about this guy. He claims to be a relationship/peak performance-life coach (whatever that means). I have never saw any document confirming that he actually finished any sort of course or studies or official certificate. Probably he is just self-made coach, earning money through YouTube. Fair enough. This only shows that persistence pays back.


I have even read his book – “How to be a 3% man” that claims to teach men how to get the women of their dreams. I won’t go into the details, but it is in a way a good read.

At the end of it, he sums it up:

“The concepts I have taught you from the beginning of this book need to be applied throughout your dating and relationship life. This includes having fun, listening to your lady and really hear what she is saying, always judging her level of interest, continuing to build the anticipation, remaining in your masculine, staying in your center and never letting a woman push you off that center. A relationship is an on-going joy of giving of yourself, and giving to your lady. It also means knowing who you are and what you want out of life, and when to walk away if you are not getting what you need to be happy.”

Which, to make a long story short, means accordingly:

having fun – dating should be fun, laughing, and just being playful – Can’t disagree.

listening to your lady and really hear what she is saying – always listen to what a woman says, not just pretend that you’re listeninig – again, this should be important for both genders and I can’t disagree either- if you go on a date with someone you aren’t interested at all, there’s something wrong with you

always judging her level of interest – that means: don’t date women who aren’t interested in you and notice when a girl interest in you starts to drop – fair enough, albeit it eventually leads to the sad conclusion (which I mention below)

continuing to build the anticipation – she should always be wanting more (of you, time with you, sex with you etc)- however, this isn’t really possible (again, read on)

remaining in your masculine – just “be a man” 😉 don’t be a pussy/mangina-super-pleaser – ok Corey, that’s cool for me

staying in your center – learn what it really means to be confident and strong – he has another point from me

never letting a woman push you off that center – true, you should know how to deal with women – yet another good point

A relationship is an on-going joy of giving of yourself, and giving to your lady – he says that we are most happy when we are giving ourselves away – again, it’s good as long as your partner reciprocates and we all know how it goes…

It also means knowing who you are and what you want out of life – have passions, dreams and follow them – sound advice

and when to walk away if you are not getting what you need to be happy – he finally says, albeit very briefly, that you should leave or walk away when you’re not happy with what your partner offers you – which is of course a reasonable thing to mention


Now, let me be straight with this- Corey is teaching something that is more like a Red Pill knowledge, rather than MGTOW. And more like a very gentle and smooth version of the Red Pill. You won’t read about hypergamy, the wall, blue pill or SMV over there.

He never concentrates on harsh topics, and avoid talking about more controversial topics. However, he knows that in order to get anything out of a relationship from a women you need to concede to her. He just says it in a very polite manner. Now, why I don’t believe his advice is possible to maintain long-term. First of all, he himself is divorced and actually coming from a toxic family (his mother had schizophrenia- he often mentions that on his YT channel) – this means he could learn everything the hard way. This deserves some respect and courage. Of course, he doesn’t have a wife by now. He offers advice for married people but he’s rather against it – that’s his personal view, it’s ok for me.

My main concern is this: in current inter-connected Facebook/Instagram/Twitter world, it is extremely hard to remain mysterious for the women you’re dating for her to remain interested in you. Even if you meet someone through your colleagues (one of the best ways) then your potential girl will be able to ask others about you and who you are. Maybe you might not add her on social media or restrict her on FB. I don’t think there’s any other way to “remain mysterious”.

His advice is sound and it works, in most cases but it won’t work with any unhealthy/toxic women and actually that’s the majority.

When I finished reading his book I was like – okay, that’s all good, as long if one will exclude the parts with (a bit too high for my taste) pampering towards women and that metaphysical twist at the end (saying that we should love with our whole hearts, that our gift in this world is to give back love blah blah blah) it all makes sense. Of course  this book might help manginas/white knights to become more masculine but I don’t think this teaches anything more than a gentle sense of masculinity and how to behave around/date women to not look like a complete idiot.

He actually encourages relationships so that’s blue pill for sure, but also states that if you want to have 5 girlfriends, then go for it. That levels the playing field for me. At the end I realized that to create this constant anticipation in any given female, one need to spend a lot of effort, time and money into all this dating.

Personally, I can have some good interesting ideas for let’s say first 4-5 dates. You should sleep with a girl after 2-3 dates. So that’s probably a month or month and a half of dating (good escort is cheaper and easier) After that, my ideas go dry. And it starts to feel like I need to work extra hard and invent something new every time. It might be funny and playful for her for sure but whether I am also having fun knowing that I am trying to raise her interest level is another story. The feeling that I need to entertain her because otherwise she’ll walk away or become bored (and walk away as a result anyway) is cumbersome.

When she fall in love with me then it’s even harder because I won’t even be able to get rid of her without “breaking her heart” and receiving bad gossip later on.

And then you are waking up five years later, being completely complacent to your girlfriend. And the most power over her that you’ll ever feel is when you will be telling her to “stop, there’s a car coming!” on a pedestrian crossing.

And all this for what? A bit of a laughter, pussy and hugging? You guys know that I’ve had my lower days recently, thinking whether I’m missing something by not involving myself in a serious dating for almost two consecutive years. Now I’m still hungry for something new in my life, but I am already not so sure again that this new thing should be a woman. 

It’s just too much work, it cost you everything and she just receives, receives, receives and gives away what? Her pussy? It’s not worth it, gentlemen. I’m going my own way instead.


12 thoughts on “Corey Wayne

  1. The longer I remain “single”, the more I am seeing the benefits of going down the escort route.

    A fixed fee for something of your preference, not the other way around. Why entertain, taking hours out of your schedule for somebody who may have motives?

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  2. Exactly. And females always have motives because – unlike us – they can have ordinary NSA sex almost anytime. They can pick&choose from a huge group of men willing to sleep and pamper them, for free! Nah, they even receive free meals, dates and what have you! I see from a distance how my female colleagues date men, and how cold and calculated their behavior is. Men are falling in love to them, one by one, especially after having sex – and they are just using it against them.

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  3. I know this guy from my pre-mgtow days and I also bought his book. A good read for a few bucks. His teachings are not the usual pua stuff, he’s more like a dating coach. I believe he stole his materials from the father of relationship coaches, Doc Love (aka Tom Hodges). Since going my own way I’ve left all that behind but I believe it may be a good introduction to the RD for younger men who still believe in fairy tales. Doc Love was a huge slap on my face so it may work for other men too.

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    1. RD = Relationship Dynamics? Yeah, heard about Doc Love. They both basically preach the same. Corey tends to be more modern I think. But ultimately, women nature remains unchangeable.


  4. I know I am posting on an old topic and my comment may never be seen, but If you really get down to Corey’s teachings, it is not about trying to impress women/men at all. It is about maximizing you own potential and becoming the person that YOU want to be. He teaches that once you let go of limited beliefs and false idols like fake friendships and fake passions, then you are really able to live life to the fullest. And it is absolutely 100% true.

    This in turn leads to you being able to attract women effortlessly and date people who want to be around you and you want to be around. Not to knock your analysis, but you don’t have to ever impress the people you are around. If you live a life geared towards constantly improving yourself (like I’m positive many on here do) then jobs, relationships, and passions will follow. If you don’t like relationships, then that is your right, but I just wanted to say that you really do not have to ever impress a woman or a friend. Just impress yourself.

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  5. I think some things that Corey Wayne says is good, but it also is kinda sexist…do women really have behaviour patterns that you can predict like a park schedule? just asking.

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    1. Female nature is a pretty specific set of boundaries within which they can operate. It can be predicted to a certain extent, yes. But it requires a change of paradigm – men operate on logic and long term planning, women operate on emotions.


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