Her Love.

Love is meaningless.  Her love doesn’t mean anything at all. It is temporary.

It is everything except being mature and healthy. In my opinion, there was a deep wisdom in the old times. A woman should give birth to her child when she is still young– in her early 20s at best. This way, her body could recover and remain fresh. This way, a woman could learn a whole bunch of positive behaviors which we, men, describe as ideals of femininity. I am talking about things like empathy, being gentle and sensitive, caring for other person, being responsible, acting in a mature way and so on. The truth is that even parents of a young girl cannot really teach her these things in a good way. She has to learn about them on her own. By becoming a young mother, she can preserve her dignity and offer her time towards her child. This is the best way to master those skills. This is the only way a girl can learn how to become a good woman. Nature is very wise. We just mixed it all up. In fact, modern girls are learning, too. But only how to be a good whores.

Nowadays, our current society requires two people to work in order to pay the bills and buy food. Our modern civilization is damaged by a constant chase after mediocre excitement – fame, money, power or finally an endless flow of new customer products. And of course, the glorification of sex. Social media provide an easy opportunity for women to date anyone. It’s hard to tell who is the prey and who is the hunter. You can’t be sure of anything anymore.

This is the biggest fail of our society. We are depraved and rotten. Even when you try your best, you’re often being beaten up to death by those without any morals at all.


MGTOW as the only way?

Do you want an example? Here you go- first hand. One of my female colleagues from work is dating a pleaser/insecure guy. He already vomited his feelings over her. She went for a short break abroad to visit some tropical island recently and he was constantly flooding her with romantic texts like “I miss you”, “I love you”, “I am not sure how I will be able to survive next 60 hours” and so on. Typical beta-bullshit. Now, she wasn’t in a proper official relationship with him. They were sleeping with each other, albeit not extremely often, for a period of one month. As soon as she started to receive his messages describing how madly he loves her, she moved towards next step of her manipulation scheme: she wrote “I love you” on the sand, made the picture of it and sent him a reply with this attachment.

The moment she told me about it, I knew that she lost my respect. She wasn’t in love with him, and probably never will be – but she lied to him and to herself (now she says “oh but I start to miss him, too!”). Of course, this relationship is based on red flags and lies, false expectations and obligations. It won’t work long term. It will create another vicious cycle of bad karma for both of them.

She ignored red flags, moved into this relation knowing that this isn’t what she is looking for, allowed him to fall in love and finally made a final step towards catching this poor male in a cage. Chemical cage called love. The funniest thing is that he is not a typical mangina when he’s around other men. But when a woman comes forward, he turns into a weak bowl of jelly. Fascinating case. I wish them all the best, but of course it’s going to fall apart rather soon. Or, they will continue dating and pretending that deep down they went into this relationship not because of fear of being alone.

Remember, gentlemen. This is what most women will do just to be with somebody so that  they don’t need to face themselves, their past, present and reality of who they are. As long as they can tell themselves “somebody loves me” everything is okay and they can keep living in this pleasant state of ignorance. Forget about morals, empathy, honesty and personal development. Me, me, me! That’s what is important for them. We are their entertainers, servants and a mere background filler. 

But there’s also another very important thing: however low is their opinion about us, they still need us. 


2 thoughts on “Her Love.

  1. I dont believe in love. Any kind of love. I dont believe on it. I think it’s just illusion. The world is shit, why people have some hope on this shit? I believe that life have to be lived, and it’s necessary to someone do his best in life, but i dont believe in the feeling of love.


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