Not. The. Weak. Gender.

“A woman does not want the truth; what is truth to women? From the beginning, nothing has been more alien, repugnant, and hostile to woman than the truth – her great art is the lie, her highest concern is mere appearance and beauty.” Nietzche

It might be one of the most important things that I’ve ever wrote here on R.M.H. Sometimes you receive an email from a fellow reader, or spot something in the TV or even are a witness to some disturbing event and you just cannot keep yourself calm without speaking out! So here it is, an extra article for this week.

Please realize this. They are not the weak gender.

They might not be the most powerful gender, too- due to the lack of intellectual, emphatic and deep emotional understanding capabilities. However, they might be considered our equals.

But, they’ve used this “we are the weak gender” thing to destabilize our view of them and to gain a huge leverage.

They’ve used what they are using during all their life- manipulation.

They manipulate us into long term relationships. Into pregnancy. Into marriage. Into having kids with them. They manipulate men into believing that they are telling the truth. That they are innocent. That they aren’t whores. That they are better than us. That they are caring, gentle and well, almost divine! That they look beautiful. That they are mature. That they are not selfish. Finally, that they can love us dearly without being purely opportunistic.

They don’t have the slightest feeling of guilt when they don’t include us in their activities. I’ve recently received an email from one of our readers. His relatively fresh (6 months of being together) girlfriend cancelled their weekend together because she wanted to go out with her friends for some cycling. He confessed that he stalked her open FB account (very bad of him, indeed ;)) when she was taking shower. What he saw there shocked him. Maybe not as much as it would a few years ago (he’s 26 by now), when he wasn’t interested in the whole TRP/MGTOW thing. He is reading RedMaleHummingbird (and other similar websites) from the very start, so he knew what to expect. Two other female friends of his girlfriend were laughing at the very idea of her taking him with them. One suggested- “well, maybe so that he can help us pumping the tyres!” Other one quickly added: “oh, our female disinterestedness hahaha”, and finished by telling how “her ex-bf is trying to date her again, but she’s again hooking up with Johny so that she need to use the ex-bf to go on some fancy trip, while she can!”. 

This was his moment of a awakening. They were talking about all this so blatantly freely like it was a visit in the toy shop. Nobody said a bit about feelings. It was just pure opportunism, using men and having fun. He knew that that’s what they do all the time. Of course, how would you behave if every women would be constantly pampering you, saying compliments, wanting to help/save you, falling in love with you, wanting to have sex with you and so on? You’d be doing this for a while to satisfy your feelings and then stop and learn how to use it to your advantage. It’s simple. He then realized how every relationship was not worth his effort. He wrote “At the end, you’re always losing”. 
And even one mistake makes you jailed for life – pregnancy.


Women aren’t good. They have no morals. They are lying. Constantly. Understand this one little thing. Please, please do!

Do not be a pleaser! Please don’t! Risk everything. Don’t pump their fucking bicycle tires. Tell them to do it themselves. Then survive their storm and endless insults. Risk your reputation but save your character. Reputation means being at the mercy of women forever. In the office, on the street, between your family members.

They have one vulnerability. Just one but it is huge. What is their vulnerability? They have operating system based on emotions- not logic, as we do.

Think about it. Think how we can use this to our advantage.

They also need us. 

It’s better to live alone than to live a lie. Realize this fact: you are going to spend your life alone. In fact, we are always alone anyway. Being with somebody is not going to solve this loneliness problem. You should be already aware of that.

I know that people might say that there’s a balance between genders because both can manipulate each other. But, what I’m more concerned at, is how fast women not only regained lost laws to their favor but already became more powerful than us in the current society.

Biology/god/nature/universe/call-it-whatever-you-like made us vulnerable to them. To their bodies. To their scent. To their pussies. That’s true. But they also need us.

If not for men, we would still be living in the caves. Look around. Men build all this. Not them. Of course when confronted, they could say that “ah, we won’t need this at all!” but you need to decide for yourself whether this is just another bullshit story, shaming tactic or a true statement.

In a way, we are still at the mercy of women. Just like when we were living in the jungle back in the days. It might’ve been more primal and tribal by then. Who knows.

Look at our current civilization- it’s fascinating because we are more lonely than ever. And, from the other side, we are becoming more and more interconnected. We have access to the whole knowledge of the human species at anytime and from anyplace. And relations between us have never been worse.

When I was younger and in my 20s, I was thinking that “well, one bad relationship – it happens… let’s just keep trying, keep looking. Okay, second one. Oh well. That’s still pretty common. Third one hmm it just must be a really bad luck. Forth one that went into shambles? Ok, something is wrong here!“. But I was still hoping that I will eventually figure it out and find my “second half”(#oneitis, anyone?) or maybe at least keep meeting endless numbers of women with the endlessly fixed high level of interest (mine in them).

I realized that the system doesn’t work (It’s so common that so many of us never even get to this point! It’s tragic!). Instead of learning how to love women better, I was looking back and seeing how going from one poor relationship to the other my beliefs in love and everything good about women were slowly destroyed, step by step. Not by me, but by them.


Supposedly, they wanted me to figure it out without receiving any rational advises- or often receiving wrong ones! The moment I’ve understood women was one of the worst days in my life. It was the day when love died. Next, it was the realization how it’s simply not worth it. Now I understand women and I see how spoiled they are. Spoiled by abundance of everything good that they have in life. Everything easy. Easy money. Easy jobs. Easy cocks. Easy love. Just easy… too easy. It makes them sloopy. It makes them lazy. It makes them spoiled like a little kid in a toy store full of shiny-everything, who does not know which toy he really wants! So, he ends up trying to grab every single one of them and then bang! Time’s up and he’s left with some shitty Duplo. 😉

I was looking at the relationships between other people: my friends and colleagues and I saw the same unhealthy patterns. Those people – maybe except the initial “love” period – were clearly suffering! In constant dramas, arguments and mediocre activities. What the hell is happening?

You see, the thing is that for some people the whole thing actually works out. Not as we, MGTOWs, might expect… but manginas/white-knights/blue-pillers? They are really happy. They are honestly happy in their private jails. They love to be slaves.

I was trying to discuss all this with a couple of my close friends (they aren’t my friends anymore, haha!) in the most diplomatic ways that I knew and they were really defending their ways of living and the relations that they’ve had. They were convinced that they have to serve women and work for them, like it was the only way. And they are ready to die for that, you know?

And nobody is going to put them out of their own misery, they just strongly believe that this is the way it should be. Of course we cannot go back into living like that.

When I was very young, hooking up was easy. I’ve thought that girls are not doing that because of hidden opportunism. Then I’ve learned that you always have to provide. Women would not sell their bodies just to have sex with you. Maybe except some stinky bar-skanks or very inexperienced, stupid or twisted girls. And of course, men with standards aren’t interested in any of the above. You have to provide for them. Whether it’s monetary, emotional or any other currency that men can offer. And all just for a bit of a pussy, companionship and fun. At the end, there comes the next realization that it is simply not. worth. it.

In order for her to be with me, I need to gain her respect. In order to gain and keep that respect I must put a lot of effort in the whole courtship. It makes me realize that the whole thing is pointless and that I don’t need her respect for anything. Being with her does not provide me any valuable gain. Only a quickly passing short-term distraction.

Maybe deep down we are never going to find out the truth about ourselves. Maybe this is the very core of the human existence- the continuous mystery. And it makes the whole wonder of it even bigger.


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