Women are mad! Women are evil!

Hello Gentlemen,

I’ve recently migrated to a new employer. A very well known media corporation. I don’t have much time to write, but I’d like to share a few nuggets that have hit me in the past week.


  • Women create tribes, flocks and groups very similar to gangs. They mock, shame, laugh at and constantly gossip about everyone. Mostly men. We cannot really do much about it except growing a really thick skin (similar to that of an alligator!) because if you will feel offended, they will see you as a weak male and continue to do it even more often. If you will report it to the HR, they won’t stop it, they’ll just do it when you’re not there- and it’s going to be even bigger hell for you because women are the protected gender everywhere and they fucking know it. You’ll either hear to “chill out and resolve it” or “don’t create drama out of nothing; you’re probably oversensitive it was all just a joke!” (but of course if the men were openly and loudly making comments on them in the same way, we’d get disciplinary action on the grounds of discrimination and so on – gender equality, huh? Why I only see women gaining more power? You really think they care about us opening the doors for them?) or they will make sure that nobody will like you -because the typical blue-pillers are in majority, and they are controlled by them easily. I still believe that this should be prohibited and we shouldn’t allow them to create such gangs. Of course, I have a female boss at the moment- so there’s nothing I can do. I am also not sure who made the very bad decision about not keeping up the gender balance (equal number of men and women in the department).
  • Good example of mocking was done on me – when I was presented to the team, the most aggressive cunt (I’m sorry, a woman- a divine being, haha! Oh, but after a 35 years of compliments and pampering, everyone would become a spoiled cunt!) asked me whether I brought them a flowers and chocolates. After the expected answer, another one joined and told out loud that “well, I am no longer the youngest then! He is!” (like it was an invitation to the whole set of insults) and the other one said “oh, he’s just a kid!” and few other insults. Now, I am not a kid. I’m in my middle 30s. We are not in a kindergarten or a jail. We are talking about behavior of a grown up women in a very respected company. I KNOW THEY WERE JUST TESTING ME AND MY STRENGTH, but honestly- they don’t know a shit about me, don’t know me, what I’ve been through and what if I’ve been really sensitive or with massive depression (due to somebody torturing me like that when I was a little child) and I’d commit suicide? Just think about it. And think what would happen if men greeted the new girl at work in the same way! Just fucking imagine! It’s disgusting! They won’t have my respect at all right now. It’s stupid and silly. It doesn’t have to be done like that. Our inter-gender relations are fake.
  • If you’re a new starter and you won’t set up your boundaries early you’re pretty much fucked up. I’d saw a guy running to a girl that was doing a presentation when something stopped working. The only thing she had to do in order to “call him out” (so that he can come over and help her) was a mere tilting of her head with a demanding gesture. We serve them and they know it. They use it. They love it. Wouldn’t you?
  • The least respect I have is for the typical blue pill fuckers who are married, trying to have a kid and yet, they telling me stories how “girls from the office are pretending to be decent but when the Christmas party comes, they just fuck around”
  • There’s one typical blue-pill dude who’s married and who tries to impress the prettiest girls in the office by telling his pseudo-funny stories all the time; he uses a lot of power-poses (google it) and lies constantly. I presume that they cannot sense it because they are liars too so everything feels possible to them. He made up a story of how he accidentally spilled tea on his desk to make a girl that spilled water on her dress on the 2nd day laugh and like him more. I don’t know, why? I mean, I DO KNOW but it still disgusts me. What he will gain? Her “respect”?
  • Thankfully most of the other men are very cool and I sense good energy coming from them.
  • The biggest problem is that I sit next to that guy and far away from my own department- which is both good and bad. Bad is pretty obvious. Good, because in my department there are only two men and 8 women – all horrible, youngest is 34yo, and oldest almost 40yo. Some of them are single, some of them are not but they are all pretty cunty. One of the two dudes is a huge pleaser and I still cannot find a common ground with him. The other one is cool, but he’s leaving (I’m taking his place in a month).

So that’s pretty much it. It’s scary. If you’re playing a “good teammate” then you’re viewed as a pleaser. If you ignore them, you’re being a jerk. I welcome any comments on your crazy experience with corporate women. I know one thing for sure- no fuck buddies from work. I’d rather get an escort. Fuck that noise! One thing for sure: MGTOW gives me strenght.


Secret number for Alex:  2-6-7-8-4 


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