Ongoing Journey.

Update on my New Job

Situation in my new employment is currently developing, so I’d thought I write a small update on this. The girl that said “he’s just a kid” last week (to me and others in an aggressive way) was clearly messing up with me. In our job we need to use internal communication systems to be able to chat on important matters. I’ve added most people from the department, except her. If she was being playful with me, I’d give it back with a similar banter. After three days, she sent me a private message that “I should add her to the team” clearly stating that she’s inpatient about it. I responded “Do you think you already deserved for that?”. She was like “I don’t need to. I’ll report you to the HR and say that you’re excluding me! ;)”. Then I knew I was at home.

She was not only being playful and cocky, but already beginning to loose up a bit – that’s why she added the “😉“. Very confident women usually wear a mask of being like that but when they sense a strong male, they test him heavily. If he passes, then they quickly become more open and feminine. I responded to her that “She should do it ASAP, and I wont add her until she complains to our area manager”. She said with laughter that she can handle it without my help.

I responded that I feel relieved but she don’t need to be shy about asking for my help in the future. She said: “vice versa :)”. There. This is how you do it. Don’t fall over when a confident female tests you. Show her who you are and that her pussy power means nothing for you. Because, hell, it does not.

Now, let me be clear on one thing: some of you might actually say that this is more of a “The Red Pill” or something – and I don’t care. For me, it can be called “how to deal with women in your daily life” because let’s face it – you need to know how to do it, as you’ll be around them almost all the time anyway. Also the fact that I made through her testing doesn’t make me feel like I want to jump into her pants straight away. Again, I am not stupid. I don’t mix professional and private life. It never pays off.

The other dude that also started working on the same day as me (the one that tries to impress other girls) turned out to be very negative. I won’t say from which country he is, but sometimes these country-myths tend to be true. Some people from very poor countries are assholes because that’s the only way they could go on in their homeland. They rarely change when emigrating somewhere else. Unfortunately, I am sitting next to him. Everyone is cool, except him and just one guy from different department that I sense can be a bit similar. Currently  the negative dude is searching for someone to be his “buddy” in a pseudo “I am your master – you’re my pet” relation. Men can be awful, too. So, he needs to find somebody unsure about himself and his masculinity so that he can be his “friend“. In reality, he will be having a laugh out from him and just using him. Of course, these kind of “emotional vampires” always need their own victim. They are weak at heart. I generally stay away from that sort of toxic people. Remember that a true master is measured by not how many students he has, but how many masters he create.

He might be a source of problems for me in the future, though. He’s that sort of a guy that always wants to be on top, pseudo-alpha but in fact, he pretends a lot and is very lazy. He already complained that we won’t be able to watch YouTube during work-day. Last personal update, I’d need to move to this bigger city when my current job is. And in order to save a bit more cash, I’d probably be sharing a 2 bedroom apartment… with a female from work. I know how it sounds. Sometimes, you need to make a step back in order to jump forward tenfold. It’s going to last only until May, 2017 and I know her from the past. She won’t be causing any troubles to me. Yeah, I’ve slept with her years ago. My plan: to be able to start living alone again next summer and keep it that way. Freedom above anything!

Sex Drive

Yesterday morning, I was thinking that sex drive differs a lot with both human genders.

Women also have a high sex drive, but it stays pretty much fixed all the time until it dies in them. With men, it’s more sinusoidal – we start from a Mt Everest high, and go down on a slope. Of course, women also don’t understand why we – when we are in our 30s – don’t want to fuck around just as often as when we were in our 20s. It only proves that they don’t understand even a tiny bit about us, and nor they care to understand.

Yeah, I know how horrible this graph is so please spare me comments on that. 😉 Also this is just my idea. Don’t treat it as something professionally researched. Your diet, lifestyle, health and other choices might of course influence that massively. A typical “couch potato” will have lower libido than somebody that cycles 200km every week and eats healthy. Just saying! 🙂

Back in my blue pill days I was fascinated by women. I’ve studied them. I was saying to myself that I respect them, and that they deserve that respect. I really felt it that way. But, my personal curse was my hunger for knowledge. I dedicated more than 10 years for studies on human behavior, relationships, inter-gender dynamics. I’ve even studied Zen Buddhism for 4 years, albeit I’ve never called myself a Buddhist. Some of my colleagues back in the days were doing that and taking drugs at the same time. Arrogant hypocrites. I was arrogant, too – and also still immature – but at least I was trying not to be a hypocrite. Not so big as them. 😉 In order to get and understand these things, you need to study them. So I did. And then I practiced them. And now I know the ugly truth.

That’s why it’s far easier to be a MGTOW when you’re more or less a mature man. And I am not saying about age. Okay, you still need to experience life thoroughly and there’s that invisible agreement that a true adulthood begins somewhere around middle 30s but for sure there are undeveloped 40 year olds and developed 29 year olds tend to happen, too. It all depends whether you spend your lifetime studying human interactions or taking drugs. Just an example.

It’s almost effortless by then. If you’re younger, you’re just killing off your libido which isn’t very healthy. You don’t kill something that works. It isn’t our fault that we have a strong libido. It’s only because of how spoiled women are so that we need to control it that much. The whole situation is unhealthy, indeed.


There is no Exit

Let’s presume all MGTOWs went together and started living on a secluded island, away from the rest of our civilization and women. Let’s say we’d have enough resources and possibilities to recreate our current society from the technological standpoint.

We would create the very best sex robots to satisfy ourselves. Of course, the rest of the world would be buying them from us in no-time. But ultimately, we would want something more. We would want that our robots respond in more and more versatile ways, be more intelligent. So, we’d be improving their AI’s up to the point when they would be able to leave us, or surprise us from time to time with something less predictable. That is, because in our very nature lies the need to control the uncontrollable, to try and protect the woman and so on… to care about them & be cared.

I am not so sure whether any of this can be deleted from our own biological paradigm. This is the nature of a man, right?

I saw this citation somewhere over the internet recently. It is so spot on and adequate.

“The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.” -H.L. Mencken


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