How to be a Genuine Fake


How to be a Genuine Fake

Situation in my job is changing and turning almost constantly now. I’ve thought it’s all set up, but it isn’t. I’m sitting 3 or 4 desk rows away from people from my own department due to lack of space. This means I cannot talk with them freely. I need either to use internal communication systems like chat, or just walk several meters and speak to them. This is troublesome. As you guys know, there are majority of girls over there and only 2 guys. Every time I am there, I am not being rude. I say hello and all. But I don’t get into conversations with girls I don’t have any business to do with – and currently I have none – as my trainer is a male. I’ve thought that one girl who called me a “youngster” (read below). She didn’t used this only once, and it wasn’t  a joke. It was a tag, a degrading generalization. Just like I’d call her an “oldie”. Just that I don’t do things like that in order to feel better about myself.

Excerpt from “Women are mad! Women are evil!”

Good example of mocking was done on me – when I was presented to the team, the most aggressive cunt (I’m sorry, a woman- a divine being, haha! Oh, but after a 35 years of compliments and pampering, everyone would become a spoiled cunt!) asked me whether I brought them a flowers and chocolates. After the expected answer, another one joined and told out loud that “well, I am no longer the youngest then! He is!” (like it was an invitation to the whole set of insults) and the other one said “oh, he’s just a kid!” and few other insults. Now, I am not a kid. I’m in my middle 30s. We are not in a kindergarten or a jail. We are talking about behavior of a grown up women in a very respected company.

…So I thought that this girl got everything figured out and it’s all cool. And with her it seems it is, more or less.

But the other one – who said “I am no longer the youngest” is not giving up. On one occasion she came to my desk and said something related to work adding that “youngster” tag to the front of her sentence. This was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I remember that I’ve looked back at her and said “how did you called me?” with a genuine disbelief. She responded in a little frightened way “oh, that’s because you’re the youngest” trying to put it into a poor joke. I replied “Ok, Ok grandma!” – trying to counter her reply as I couldn’t find any better answer in that moment.

I’ve thought that was it and I was avoiding looking at her during meetings- not in a fearful way, but rather to show her that she won’t get my attention by showing disrespect.

You need to gain respect with me. Nothing begins with a “100%” mark. During one more meeting, she showed signs of better behavior- she said “Oh, and even Datson is here. It’s good to see you!” (but as I think of it now, who knows what that bitch really meant)- I replied “well I am still not sure if it’s good to see you!” which was cocky, playful and honest. I don’t trust her and won’t be hiding that either. 

Today we’ve went to another meeting. I was sitting next to both of them. At one point (they probably made that up together) one of them said (when I was looking away because the PowerPoint presentation screen was on the other side of the room) “well you see youngster, you need to try better to get a prize!” (the meeting was about monthly best performers). I’ve looked back at them and just smiled (of course in a “not very impressed” way) then just looked back. The other one (who said “oh, he’s just a kid!”) said “you know, you’re ignoring us too much!”.

Later on, when I was leaving the building, I saw the stubborn one (the one calling me a youngster) in the canteen and I felt that she saw me too, but she ignored me purposefully. What a serious bitch.

First of all: I am not there to be your fucking personal entertainer. You don’t know me, you know shit about what I’ve been through in my life and I don’t owe you anything. You’re so fucking full of yourself that you think that my whole behavior is shaped just so that you can feel in any given way. Like, if I was a talker – you would think that I want to impress you. If I was a pleaser, you would think that I am a typical “Mr Nice Guy” that just has it all wrong about women! If I was ignoring you, you would think that I’m trying to play the “Mr Mysterious” card.

But if I was ignoring you too much (according to your standards, of course! After all, it’s all about you, isn’t it?) it would made you feel uneasy. And you would promptly decide that you don’t like this game, and you would start ignoring me too.

This has happened before in my life with women and the pattern is always the same. First, they think you’re just like everyone else. Then they notice that you aren’t, so they’re extra curious. When you’re still ignoring them – they just ignore you and erase you from their heads. Because you’re no use for them. That’s how genuine you are, dear women.

You are all fake. Just like your fucking make up. And it’s not that I am rude to them. I just don’t have anything to discuss with them. I don’t come and tell jokes. Or talk about bullshit stuff like others do. Besides, I am sitting fucking several desks away. And not only that. You greeted me like a little cunts. And keep insulting me with these bullying “youngster” tags. And you expect me to entertain you in return? Or talk with you? Show some respect, cunts!

The stubborn one has a husband and no kids. She’s past the wall. She’s ugly. She probably has the biggest experience in training her husband so that’s why she’s still pushing. But I won’t be explaining her. Or rationalizing her toxic behavior. If it happens once, it’s an accident. If it happens twice, it often creates a pattern.

If she will do it one more time, I will tell her in a very direct way what I think of that. Won’t work, I will go to the team leader- which is a woman, but it shouldn’t matter. (I only wonder what will happen if the TL won’t do anything… and even going to them feels like being Mr. “you can’t handle women” Failure haha – but let’s not go too much into the future for now)

I don’t give a fuck how they call me when I am not around – but I have a name and they must use it when they are talking to me. We are not friends or “buddies” so that they could call me like that in front of others. If I would allow them to do it, they will continue and I’m done. So, the only option is to stand back and fight for my own reputation. And it’s not about the word itself – it’s not that they are calling me a “dick” or something like that. But it’s about the whole meaning of this.

This is how women are. This is how “nice” they behave in our workplaces. Of course, they are much, much worse in private relationships. They destroy: financially, mentally and emotionally other people – other men. They should never ever, ever be allowed to posses state power stronger than men. In this one regard, I believe that Islam got it right. They need to be put into submission and learn to shut their mouths up. When they have them open, they don’t spread the right words.



3 thoughts on “How to be a Genuine Fake

  1. “Excuse me, but my name is RMH and I am offended by your ageist remarks. They are inappropriate, unprofessional, and degrading in the manner that YOU always use it in. Please discontinue it.”

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