Do Not Save Her!

Don’t Try to Save Her

Hello folks.

Only a short piece for this week update as I’m really busy with everything here.


Do not try to save her from herself.
Do not save her from her responsibilities.

Do not save her from consequences of ignoring her responsibilities.

I can’t underline this enough. Women need to stop being treated like a sacred cows. Today after work I went to the underground garage for my bike. There was a girl somewhere in her 30s, trying to un-lock her own bicycle from the bike stand. There was like 30 bikes parked there. Every stand can have two of them locked from each side. It often gets packed in full and it can be tricky to remove your bike, I admit. She removed the lock, but somehow pushed the bike on the other side, which slowly but surely started to fall down on the side.

It took a good 2-3 seconds before it went down with a huge “smash!” landing on its drop-bars. I felt that she was waiting for me to take action and save her. She could easily move her ass and save that bike from falling. I was kneeing just next to it as I was unlocking my own bike which was approx. 50cm to the right side. I did nothing. 

She was like “Oh…” but without much guilt in her voice. I bet she was more surprised that a male didn’t saved her from the consequences of her wrong-doing. This is what males are for after all, right? Look around. They built all these tall office buildings just so that women could remain comfortable in them. Sigh.


I said “Well it can be tough to remove them sometimes…”. 

She just replied that “Well at least it’s not raining today!” trying to spin a joke out of it (didn’t worked out) and rode away.
You might ask what about basic kindness and whether I would help if it was a man’s bike? Probably I would. But a man would not be so carelessly removing his own bike to smash the other one, I can guarantee you that.

I am kind, but not towards the gender that’s not being kind to me. At least, not mindlessly and on autopilot like most males are. Sometimes I let things slide, so that a girl can feel how carefree she is and that others can see it. Not everyone will cover up after your ass, honey!

We want to be kind! Being kind is okay. We want to be okay.

We don’t want to be assholes. There’s already too much evil on this planet.


But, women do not leave us other choice. They’ve asked for it. 


9 thoughts on “Do Not Save Her!

    1. That’s a great question. If anybody asks me, then sure- why not. I don’t discern between genders then. But she could not ask me for help, as it was only 2-3 seconds. Maybe she could scream “heeelp!” or something like that. But again, she had to care in order to react like that. She clearly did not.


  1. Lately I’ve been acting like that: I’m so sick of this gynocentric world that:

    – I always tip more when the waiter is a man
    – In shop, I go to the male vender so he gets the commissions
    – I stop for men at the crossroad, I only stop for women if I don’t have the choice
    – I never EVER let a woman pass my in a line or in a bar…
    – when crossing a woman’s way, I don’t move aside to let her pass…
    – I don’t stand up for women in public transport, but I do it openly for men carrying kids or for old people,
    – they told me holding doors and smiling is sexist… well so be it, where there’s a woman I just pretend I don’t see her.

    What pisses me off, is that even if I do this, right after there is a moron who just do the opposite and the self-centered entitled princess feels good again. Like yesterday, this coworker was walking around in mini skirt and parading, typical attention whore who will only accept good looking guys/managers looking at her while looking upset or bothered when it’s a random men who’s looking at her. She passed by like 6 times, I didn’t even look up. She won’t get attention from me. 2 sec later, my coworkers comes in and got catched staring at her legs like a stupid moron. She pretended to be offended and walked away with her stupid ego boosted like never. I wanted to punch my coworker in the face.

    sick of those manginas or “lovers” who would do anything to please women. really sick.

    But the best part: when you kick them away, they get so desperate. you wanna pick up a girl, just go Tarzan on her, (it’s 50/50) they want a man, not a loser begging for sex. OR you just openly send her go find other men and pretend you don’t give a damn… even better, have a nice talk with HER not good looking friend, she won’t understand why she’s not the center of the world anymore…


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    1. hello. thanks for the post. and yes, this is true. you cannot save the world, but at least you know you’re not the one doing the mangina-of-the-day thing. Also, men can be assholes on each other, too. When it comes to women, we even kill ourselves. It’s really a tough world.


  2. I try to remain gentlemanly regardless of the gender involved. just today I held the door open for a number of guys at the local Sheetz gas station, and each one of them said thank you.

    When I did the same for an older woman later in the day at a Wawa gas station, she didn’t say a word.

    Entitled bitch…

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