Thank You!


Red Male Hummingbird by Datson Horrenbrand on Facebook reached over 150 likes. I never use any sort of advertisement. It is all viva voce. I know that the topics which are being covered here aren’t very popular or “easy”. I realize how often men need to cover one’s tracks in our current feminized society. We aren’t even allowed to speak our own truth because both women and their loyal male servants are always ready to shut us down. That’s why the applause is not for me, but for those who were not afraid to give a “like” for the content on this website through their FB pages, who often aren’t anonymous. To all of you, from my own heart – thank you.

R.M.H. also break another record recently – we’ve hit magical 100k page visits. 103,345 to be exact. That’s a huge amount of people. It’s a fucking army. Keep it going. Knowledge is our only power.

Again, thank you. You are the best and it wouldn’t be possible without all your support.


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