A Useful Tool + A word on Artificial Wombs

A word on Artificial Wombs

A womb is a womb. It’s not a wombat, though. A really cute fellow.


The bottom line is that we need them. A child born from artificial womb probably would not be 100% human. He or she will be something more close to a cyborg, but that’s not a good comparison because it doesn’t fit the description. I think there is no word invented for that special type of humans, yet. The idea is very good and convenient. But it doesn’t mention our current biggest problem with it. That is: humans need human touch.

That’s my point. We can invent the best artificial womb possible, but it won’t be even close on probably what’s most important thing during the traditional pregnancy- that metaphysical bound between mother and her child- exchange of warmth, emotions, feelings. Exchange of love. Even if it’s nowhere close to the love we were taught about as kids. How you are going to replace all those experiences by cold and artificial system of life support? Because maintaining adequate temperature, humidity and overall the whole environment doesn’t equal everything when it comes to human development. With this, we are crossing very thin line and we still don’t have basic understanding about life, consciousness and the whole process. From one point, a bad mother/toxic parents can influence bad memories being impregnated in the kid from a very early point in life. But a complete removal of the stimulus- good or bad – won’t do any good to us either.

Women are simple

They are like kids. They like to be entertained. But with one big difference- kids know that they are kids and there are adults around to put them in their place in case they misbehave. Women don’t know this. They lack this major understanding. They are kids, in adults bodies. And by some weird twist of fate they were given a big advantage over men- their vaginas.

We made them like this. It’s just similar to what Roosh said- women will do only as much as men will allow them. If everyone stopped sleeping with fat girls, in three months we would have a significant decline in female obesity worldwide. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he was certainly through a lot of shamming and has at least some experience on women.

Here’s the Q&A from I’ve got this opinion of him (it’s not the exact citation, but it doesn’t matter) if you want to check it out. It’s worth it.

I believe he is right. Females are trying to control you – every time you are with them, in this way or another. That’s their main purpose. You ought to be their entertainer, servant and some sort of a useful tool. So, it all comes down to the right question and the correct answer to it. You either live for women, or for yourself.



2 thoughts on “A Useful Tool + A word on Artificial Wombs

  1. Good, original writing. Yes, wombs may very well prove vital as the Progs hurl us towards their dream of breeding pre-programed Alphas through Deltas. The Progs always think they can re-make society from the bottom up, but they never insert the important variables into the equation.

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