Alcohol Vs Psychedelics

I am very busy this week, so I’d thought that I pass on writing just for this time. Besides, how long one can talk about women? I’m tired of that endless topic. Women, women, women. Pussy, girls, vagina. Females. Yuck! Let’s talk about something else.

Recently I realized that our whole planet is Alive. Gaia. Just like in the “Avatar” movie.

This is the knowledge of old ancient civilizations that they want to hide from us. The powers that be. So, they keep us in the matrix, pretty much in the same way as in that famous movie. We are being feed that we need to chase simplest pleasures based on our instinct- sex, entertainment, shitty-food. And of course- chase money in a vicious circle, like rats. Modern slaves in their corporate outfits. So happy, because they’ve got another raise. 

Somehow, the global consciousness slowly merges into everyone and pieces as Matrix and Avatar are being made.

Okay. I tend to go into philosophy waaay too much. Let’s get back to something expected from this website a bit more, shall we?

Why so many fathers drink so much alcohol?

I’d go further and say – why so many parents who have kids overindulge themselves in alcohol? Less time to do something more productive? Raising kids is too exhausting? Or maybe this numbing drug is the only thing that’s left for them?

Only when one completely sobers up not only physically – but especially mentally – he can realize the true role that alcohol plays up in our society.

Remove alcohol and you’ll instantly lose the majority of people attending all sorts of social events. Suddenly, your big group of so-called “friends” will be limited to zero. Most of them don’t go there to meet with you. You are just an additional perk to their drinking, which of course gets them high. Now, there’s nothing bad about getting high. Almost everyone loves it. But when it tends to repeat every week and we end up with situations like half-drunk fathers reading night stories to their daughters it’s really, really sad.

The funniest thing with legal drugs (and any sort of drugs, really) is that they numb your perception. Or change it in some (not really natural) way. Back in the times I couldn’t go through my day without 3-4 cups of coffee just to wake me up and carry me on through the day. Now (I don’t drink coffee or any sort of caffeinated drinks for several years) people who still “need” that look like zombies to me. They are addicted for sure. It might be not very harmful, but again – one can see the full effect of any given substance only if it was removed from their diet for a really long time (I’d say 6 months is a good time-frame to fully notice this).

If drugs were the answer to anything, monks at Zen monasteries would use them constantly. They don’t. They are sober as hell and their perception is sharp as a sword.

Drugs like psychedelics (LSD, shrooms) can show few things to those who can listen, and help to open up your mind. When you’re a teen. Then you should stop using them and maybe come back when you have matured both physically and mentally, have a stable income and all that. And re-visit old forgotten worlds in your own head. Otherwise, you might get yourself into trouble.

Some things feel too good to be implemented into regular, daily life. Ecstasy feels great but it’s not a substitute to intimacy. Or solving problems only under influence of the drug. Again, under right circumstances it could be beautiful. *wink wink* 😉

Cocaine, amphetamines. These are the worst kind. Not counting heroin, that’s obvious. They feel very good for a while, and then they take away twice as much from you and your life.

Drugs, especially psychedelics, have the biggest potential to help our society. But remember that they are like a strong medicine- you take it and it works, but you’re not supposed to overdo it. Anything habitual becomes necessary attachment for our minds. At the end of the day, you need to get your ass up and go to work. Sad truth.

Of course, our society loves the so-called dark triad- caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. They work well all mixed together. They provide a very flat, simple high and devastate your health. And they are extremely addicting, of course. That’s the point. They are killing you very, very slowly in a semi-pleasant way. And everyone around does it, so it doesn’t feel that bad! Did alcohol helped anybody with anything? Or the “great social events” are just people getting drunk and talking bullshit?

Two years after I stopped using them all together, I realized how much I’ve changed. I could sense people well. Far better than before (and before I believed I was already good with that). I could read their emotions – everything was visible on their faces and in their eyes. And I wasn’t afraid to look. But- they were often afraid and full of fear. Bad people used they own fear against them. That’s how it works. It’s very simple.

Bear in mind that it’s not like I’ve gained some sort of superpowers but rather that I sobered up enough on every level so that I could use my mind and body to the highest capacity.

When your body isn’t numbed and perception blurred by the use of these legal poisons you can truly realize your place in life.

I also realized that most people are so numbed that they don’t know anything about themselves, how their bodies work. They don’t feel their bodies. They cannot understand their own emotions, often running away from them (hence going into addictions of various sorts). How they can sense other people if they don’t even know themselves? Or they are constantly running away from facing their own selves?

They don’t know how to spot bad people around them. Or they lack the strength to stand up and have self-respect. You remember Mr Negative Guy? Currently, I stopped spending any time with him. Few people still stick with him as they “can listen to him lying, knowing he is a bastard but they don’t pay much attention to it”. Well, think about it.

If you are spending time with somebody who lies to you compulsively – that’s disrespectful. And what he has to think about them? “They must be stupid or completely without any sense of self-worth. I can tell them anything and they still agree with me! Fools!”.

Others being in that passive-acceptance mode gives him more power and he needs people exactly like that to suck energy from them.

If you are near somebody who has extremely negative energy, you are there- present. It’s not really possible to shield yourself from that person. Besides, what would be the point? And what would be the point to know somebody is like this and still go on breaks with him just because you don’t know how to say no?

And I can go on and on about all this, the utter chaotic state in which our society works now. It barely works. With our knowledge we are still in caves, thinking we evolved beyond everything that we know. That’s not true. We are still like small kids, being very proud. I can only hope that this planet won’t decide to get rid of us. Because as for now, we deserve it.



4 thoughts on “Alcohol Vs Psychedelics

  1. After watching my father drink and smoke himself to death, I swore that I would never do that.

    Although I have still not smoked, a few weeks ago I found myself regularly having three 25oz cans of beer at night. It wasn’t so much for the reasons that you asked about, but more so that the mix of numbness and pain might at least feel a bit “different” than what I had been experiencing for weeks.

    Sometimes just feeling a different pain is seen as a blessing.

    Now I’m done with that craziness, and just back to too much coffee in the morning.

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  2. It’s simple actually. Enjoy them if you can but don’t depend on it for your existence. There are two points to remember.

    1)It’s important to keep in mind that drugs pay negative returns ie., 1 drink + 1 drink =/ 2 drinks.(I mean you wont get double high, you just stay in that numb/stimulated state for longer) So, to enjoy the drug, moderation is the REAL key.

    2)Timeframes: The more stronger the drug is, the more time you must wait until you try it again. In general, a week minimum — a month is the optimal timeframe. If you consume it more than that, you must look back on your life and understand the reason for that consumption.

    Drugs aren’t bad. People who consume drugs everyday are. In fact, drugs can help you to solve your problems, if you do it right.

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