Give Them Nothing!*


Recently I’ve had a dream about my mother and grandmother. They were both asking me “Why I am still single?! I am without a relationship for so long already!”. I started to argue with them, finally ending the conversation with shouting “well I guess it’s better to be happy single than to be in a miserable marriage for 20+ years, isn’t it?”. Myself & My Subconscious were really proud of this answer. 😉

Subconscious has a real influence on our lives. Freud and Jung could have a good discussion about it.

Smell of Fish

That’s how we can recognize women. Don’t forget that the objects of your daily desire stink and perspire. They fart and all. Their vaginas are basically holes filled with bacteria, lubricated by the same system that creates saliva in their mouths.

They of course enjoy sex, but they stop being attached to you the moment you stop fucking them or they have an orgasm. Unlike us. They fake orgasms often, because it makes men more submissive. We are so stupid.

They manipulate us all the time. It doesn’t matter if she’s your friend or an old lover. She will lie to you just as easy as if you were in love with her. She will lie about everything as she has no morals and she knows you will not check if she’s telling the truth with her previous boyfriend because it is you who is fucking her now and he is a loser. Her pussy is the prize. Isn’t that how we tend to think? She is just an egoistic selfish cunt. Arguments? She will use manipulation tactics and conversation tricks to change topics, put you off track, cover her trails and at the end evoke an emotional response from you. At the very end of the discussion, you won’t be able to tell whether she really did anything wrong to you. That’s female manipulation at its finest.

You think you’re such a strong man, so that she could not resist you? So that you’re leading her? She is following you? No, sir. She is doing whatever she likes, whenever she likes. She makes you THINK you are leading her. She isn’t a dog. She will follow your lead only because it suits her at any given moment. If she comes up to a conclusion that she doesn’t want to do something or that she is bored with you as being her pet/leader, she will simply stop. Or say something like “leave me alone”. And you won’t be able to do anything with it. You aren’t her boss. Or her dad. She wasn’t listening to either of them, anyway. You aren’t her ruler.

Even in Islam, women are misbehaving and using the same tricks and cheats. This is their core essence as female nature equals manipulation. That’s why they cannot love us, as they can only love conditionally. And of course, true love is only when it is unconditional. For them it doesn’t exist. They cannot understand or grasp this concept either.

So, the bottom line is this: you can have sex with them or not, that’s not the most important thing in the world. Just make sure they won’t catch you in a marriage or the pregnancy trap. Or any given set-up including living with a woman in one flat.

The more healthy your own life is, the higher your inner energy can grow and you’d be less influenced by attacks coming from anyone. Including female manipulation. It requires dedication, devotion and perseverance. Typical male traits. Once you will see them for who they really are, you will just laugh. At one point from their own lack of true wisdom and misery – and also at our own tragic loneliness, as males.

* This is of course not doable in our current society. Anyone who thinks that he could “avoid any interaction with women all together” is either delusional or still living with his parents (or any sort of non-adult life) so I should rather say – give them as little, as possible.


2 thoughts on “Give Them Nothing!*

  1. First: the girl in the pic is cute. Really dig her hair.

    Second: agree with everything you have said. We only lead (if ever) for as long as they think we should. They will turn on you on a dime, and loyalty really doesn’t exist. It’s all a mercenary calculation with all of them. And they are constantly running the numbers.

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