Access Denied

Just lie down…

Women don’t need to do much in bed. They need to just stand, bend over or lie down and moan occasionally. They know moaning makes us horny. They can use it so easily to pretend they are enjoying it, just like faking an orgasm. Who is going to tell she’s really into it or just being a good actress? Because what really matters is that you are into her and you just want to fuck her, right? She doesn’t need to do much. Maybe some occasional sucking of our dicks (and most of them aren’t even good at that!) and some movements when being on top of us. Casual sex doesn’t look like in a high quality porn movies! It’s just our porn fantasy to expect stuff like that.

It all reminds me of a situation at my workplace several weeks ago. Everyone received a message from the management team stating that female toilets are in a messy state – again! Of course they called every female using the loos on our floor to take adequate action. This is how clean & divine our ladies are! And we are talking about major tech company, not some dodgy low-profile garbage workplace. People should behave, right? Wrong. This is just how women are. They are messy – both physically and mentally.

Access Denied

Access to the pussy, of course. To their pussy. Men are dancing around women like male birds trying to amaze the female birdie and secure access to the breeding period (and create offspring).

Women give us access to sex on their conditions. Whether she is your wife, your girlfriend or a whore – does not matter. It’s either her condition and approval, or it is rape. We don’t have any choice when we play this game. And just wonder what you can do if you’re married and not playing the game as she wants it? She can constantly refuse you sex and your self-esteem crumbles down. You can go to a hooker or masturbate but both options feel like you’re loosing. Because you fucking are loosing, and you were a looser from the start to believe your marriage can ever become something else than playing a game called “you are my husband and you serve me and my kids”.

So, lesson number one is: don’t marry. Being lonely when single is just half as bad as being lonely when having a wife. And kids. Because then you know you made a mistake that cannot be reversed. We – as humans – are always lonely. But you just took the easy exit, like a coward. You were afraid to be alone and to face your own fears. So now you will suffer them with a double strength. Don’t marry. Women decide when, how and with whom they will have sex and you have nothing to say about it. Nothing.

Basically we lose the fight before it even starts.

Women aren’t stupid. They won’t give you their asses just because you’re hot. That’s bullshit. Maybe when they’re 20yo, they can be more “easy” due to their lack of experience and “settling down” still being far away, but the older they get the harder it is to come up with the “let’s be fuck buddies” thing. Every girl – ugly or pretty – has the same female nature that any given male needs to consider. Also, every woman goes mad.

And a really handsome & rich man won’t be dating ugly girls, of course. So in theory you can think that an ugly girl would do anything to be with someone rich & handsome, but in practice this set up rarely happens. If it even happens at all.

In reality, girl who is 3 or 4 on a HB scale usually dates a man that’s equal or one point above herself, so a 5 or 6. And so a girl who is 7 or 8 will date also an 8, or higher than that. But a woman that’s 3 or 4 won’t be dating a male who is 7 or 8. That’s just not happening under normal conditions. I mean, why it should be? If you have a choice between a nice looking bike and a bad looking bike you’d always take the former.

Unless you’re afraid that your nice looking bike might get stolen, so you just borrow it from time to time to enjoy the ride and own the bad looking bike instead. 😉

But every bike needs to be lubricated, their tires are getting punctures, you need to put money in it and of course- sometimes even the old bad looking bikes are getting stolen, too. But at least it is pure fun to ride a bike, which I cannot say about our other gender.

Now, so that we know what women are and we know what to expect from them we are finally able to be free and do something productive with our own lives. Some people want to be slaves and they are happy when someone tells them what to do- usually a wife. They don’t need to figure out what to do with their lives. We are different. We are MGTOWs. We don’t need to waste precious time on endless pointless search for our “second half” and ruin our life with marriage and kids. We are free. 



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