Men Are Starved.

Men are starved!

…for attention

…for intimacy

…for compliments
All of that comes from them – females. Of course it does when we are complacent to them, like little kids (to our mummies). If we aren’t, then we die out of starvation.


Our current society is mad.

The moment a woman see a camera (TV/phone/etc.) – she starts acting. To present herself in the best light. To produce the very best selfie ever with her greatest pose. So that she can advertise herself to other men “see, just do whatever I want and cherish me and all this- my body -will be yours. For a moment” and women “look, how great I am“.
But what is a camera, exactly?

Well, in a way it is an eye.

Whenever someone sees her – she acts.

She acts during the day. She acts during her work. She acts during sex. She acts when arguing. She acts when asking for a favor. She acts when she pretends she don’t know what to do out of laziness. She acts in front of a mirror, practices.

Those who read me for some time know that I like to mix a bit of philosophy into my digressions. This drawing reminds me of a cyclic nature of this universe. Who knows? Maybe in other universes it all works in a different way.


Maybe this graph is true and after all, we are closing into something bigger.

World War 3 followed by a major economic collapse? Who knows. But I hope we won’t need to experience this during our lifetime.


6 thoughts on “Men Are Starved.

  1. 393. With the invention of the front facing camera women’s true nature has become self evident. They love only themselves. Time and money spent on them is totally wasted. You are sacrificing a portion of your life simply for their entertainment. How many selfies does she have on her social media pages? If they include children, is the picture about “them together” or are the children kind of like accessories in the picture?

    Look at the hands! Is she holding them for real, or are they just kind of touching each other? There’s a meaning behind that, and it isn’t good.

    RIGHT NOW, Go look at her Facebook, twitter, or Google+ pages. I’ll bet you that in almost all of them she is just barely touching their hands, and isn’t holding them at all. Even the most recent pic she’s posted will be like that.

    Every selfie they take is looking for validation from others. In fact, almost everything they do in public is too!

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