Free Mints

If you want to date, do it with a younger chick.

Why you should always take younger girl? Well, they respect “elders” (older men) more often than not and older girls aren’t more wise anyway… so, fresh body over the older one anytime. You need to deal with significant amount of bullshit this way or the other, and younger ones have more energy and zest for life than older ones. Besides, older ones usually want more commitment & shit.


Free Mints

I remember how I was once searching for a new employment several years ago. I landed an interview in one of the well-known insurance companies. A typical Big Fish on the market. I went there full of hopes. Classical corporate environment, dress-code was strict. Interview consisted of two stages- one was a test where you could either prove you’re the right person to do the job or you’re not. That was simple and rational. But they also brought a second stage, which was a group exercise.

We’ve had a scenario and they told us to act like we were in an RPG game. There was an accident in a coal mine, and there were people trapped underneath. We’ve had limited amount of time and need to decide which one should be saved first. There were 8 or 9 people trapped in the mine and we received a detailed BIO of each one. There was a rich daughter of the mine sponsor, guy with 4 kids, woman who had AIDS and so on.

It was interesting, but they told us later on that it didn’t matter who was chosen to be saved first. It was all about how we communicate in the group. And who could become the future “leader”. In our group, there were 6 or 7 girls plus me and one other dude. Before the 2nd exercise started, I offered them my sugar-free mints that I brought with me. Nobody took it.

Exercise started. I noticed that two people from the company were watching us carefully from the other side of the room. Girls started to shout over different answers- they were suggesting something and changing their opinions every second. It was very chaotic. I felt that I must take control of the group immediately. I didn’t had much chances of dominating them while being on the same level as them so I used a simple physical trick and just stood up. I was sitting in the middle of the table so it was easy to be noticed like that. I said – louder than them – that we should do this and this, and I think this is the right way. I didn’t asked for their opinions. Two girls tested me at first, but quickly backed up. They were happy there was someone who could finally be a leader. Also, the other dude suggested something but I quickly killed his idea by saying “I don’t think this would ever work“. He went silent instantly. When this test was finished, me and few other girls were selected to the next stage. The other guy went home instead. I felt sorry for him for a second or two but hey, one should always be alpha, right?
I’ve had this interview two times. At first, I screwed up the test but succeeded with the “leadership” goal. During the second time, I landed the test but I didn’t had much interest in dominating the group especially as there were this one asshole who took a total control of the group. He was acting like a dick, shouting and trying to force his opinions upon the team. I just said to myself “fuck this shit, it’s not worth it if I’d had to deal with people like him daily. If they are selecting guys like that – this is how it’s going to be”. At the end of the day I had my resolution: I knew that I never want to get this job. I never did and landed a great place with superb people in far better (and more relaxed) company, where I stayed for several years. Always listen to your gut.

Of course, this was very ironic as I realized that I could be viewed as being both the weak beta and the strong alpha guy, depending on my first or second attempt. At the end of the day, you cannot be alpha all the time. Everyone has bad days. 

Ah, but there’s one more interesting thing. After this role-playing stage come to an end (and I dominated the group during the first time) I asked the girls if they want any sugar-free mints again. All of them took one this time. Two of them were following me to the bus stop after the interview, asking about who I am and so on.

This is biological. Women instinctively respond to strong, dominant males. They don’t check whether you’re a beta pretending to be alpha or the other way around. But bear in mind that they will test you more than once.

Young Chick: Final Update

The girl that I was invested emotionally in, turned out to be a flaky inexperienced sexually person who gives mixed signals. She is afraid of men, and don’t really know what to do with one advancing towards her – even if there’s an intense chemistry. I believe she wanted someone to entertain her during the work time and she doesn’t give a damn once she leaves the office.

So, I can only say one word: next!


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