VR = Sexual Harassment (Unbelievable!)

Don’t worry guys, I’m still here. Just been really busy last week and now I’m relaxing during the weekend.

Our dear “saint cows” (women) have already found out a new field where they can be sexually harassed! Somebody needs to stop this madness. 

And in case you were wondering: of course men are guilty – again!

VR is not even fully here (used by the masses!) but it already has a “huge problem”. Well, maybe women are the real fucking problem, not men or VR?

VR has a sexual harassment problem

VR groping 

VR sexual assault

Women care only about two things: their own asses and their own assets.

Comments posted by fucking manginas/BluePill crazies are even better. I don’t see any healthy way out from this hell called our modern society… maybe World War III would clean up their acts, because it seems they don’t have bigger problems than bullshit like this! If the WW3 will really manifest for sure this time it’s going to knock on our doors.

As of now we are a crazy, mad civilization that needs to be stopped in it’s current ways. We are driving in a car that went off the cliff and we are already falling down. If we won’t create a parachute we are gone. Forever.



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