She was one of Them

The Mother Problem

Okay it’s time to stop pretending. She was one of them. She is one of them. Your mother. Yes. She isn’t some sort of special snowflake. She isn’t a fucking unicorn. Due to her female nature, manipulation tactics, deceptiveness, lies and (in an awful too many cases) carefully set pregnancy trap she was able to clone herself, breed and chain your father into marriage and lifelong slavery. He was probably too dumb, naive or maybe simply good-hearted to see through all this and worked his ass off so that she wouldn’t leave him. Was it worth it? Did your mother really loved you? Maybe she did only when you were behaving accordingly to her needs and requests? Does a mother really love her child? Or maybe she loves only her own reflection that she sees in it?


We live in a world where we are constantly watched. By government, mostly. But also – by each other. We are already policing each other, in a twisted communist-esque style.
You don’t believe me? Just try to really “be yourself” and speak your opinions out loud on some sort of social channels, like Facebook. I was recently kicked out of a group when someone posted a link that women are being sexually assaulted in the VR (my previous post on R.M.H.). Me and few others initially laughed it off, promptly marked it as ridiculous and not-serious. But then, suddenly a typical SJW appears. It all felt like a bad dream. He started shouting how come we are ignoring such major subject, such serious matter! Why are we not protecting women! He even shouted “Women! why you don’t speak up!”. Seriously, what a loser. Why they would ever need to speak up if they have pussies like him speaking up for them? He said that it’s better to be SJW than to be an asshole.

He doesn’t realize that he is the real asshole, treating women like they weren’t adults and like they were in need of being saved. From themselves. And I was probably similar to that guy, years ago. I was repulsed by all those misbehaving men, who seemed to not care about women or not notice their gentleness and divinity. Hahaha. What a poor brat I was. Thankfully, I’ve learned my lesson.

But that’s not my problem. My problem is that me and few others were banned, and not him. If you allow freedom of speech, allow it fully. This way, this fucked up politically correct society slowly crumbles down. And it’s our fault. We allowed it to happen.

People think forums blogs and independent authors don’t have any future. Well, we are the only future there is because places like this one are the very last field where we can actually say whatever we like. And nobody is going to come and censor us. Not yet.


It is understandable that we share a hella lot of energy together, working in the same office or even living in one house with someone… and we are often jealous. Of some specific possessions or obviously – of women. But the main question you have to answer is this: what jealously gives you. How it makes you look toward others, does it make your relationship with them grow stronger. Does it help you in becoming a better man? Bottom line is this: jealously is a toxic emotion. Limit your exposure to it, it doesn’t help. At the end of life, we lose it all. Women goods and bodies. So relax and enjoy the ride. 😉


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