This rather famous documentary (below) depicts something very curious. It states few important facts:

  1. There are betas and alphas between any male group. There’s always someone who dominates the group. It is tribal, ancestral and probably genetic/biological.
  2. One who acts as an alpha in one group may suddenly become beta in another group, when a stronger (than him) male appears on the scene.
  3. Even the strongest alpha might be put down and another one put on the top by… a woman. A woman always have the power to choose a male. This means that:
    a) if one wants to be an alpha to secure access to the females, he is still on their mercy (however, his chances are naturally bigger as women tend to select good leaders and strongest males)
    b) betas usually reacts with anger and fury, trying to blame down or back-stab an alpha because they aren’t able to confront him openly (typical SJW/mangina behavior)
  4. If a female is in danger, the show presented how betas could transform into more aggressive form and act like an alpha to protect the female. This is of course temporary but probably sufficient for the woman who is choosing a beta for a life-long marriage partner. She knows that he is so blindfolded by her that he will give his own life if necessary just to save her and her kids. This is more than enough for her. Again, we are looking at deep biological/genetic engineering which works for extending the life of our species on this planet. She might still have an occasional romance with an alpha on the side and this way everything seems to be working for her. It is “shocking” from our rational point of view but also “natural”.
  5. You can clearly see how the female always wins. It is true in the animal kingdom, and we are part of it whether we like it or not.

However, according to Alex on Life one can pretend for a limited time to be an alpha, but if he is beta at heart it will be only a show and not a permanent state of mind:


Now, you might like the style of Alex or not but it’s worth listening. I must somehow agree with both views. I believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

So the rule looks like this:


And whether you like it or not, it’s always better to be the person with more power than the one with almost none.

After all, even if a woman chooses a beta that she fancy and not an alpha, the alpha might kill the beta and make the female rethink her choice. 😉 Not sure how that works between humans because the documentary doesn’t tell it. Notice that the person from the show who was an alpha (black guy) is removed from the final scene with the gorilla! But why? Maybe they wanted to leave some hope for the betas because if he was there, he would smash the gorillas face in the first second? 😉 I don’t know but I am curious about your opinions.

PS. Can you believe that most of men would never go through thinking about topics like this? When asked what they want in life they will tell you they just want to find their “second half” fall in love, get married and that’s about it. Pathetic.


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