Ever saw a woman who took a mortgage?


One girl from my work was constantly making jokes about other male colleague. He was okay with it, as she was talkative and more or less positive. One day, she was having a tantrum. Typical bad day. He was trying to cheer her up. He offered to give her some vitamin C as she was starting to have a cold. She refused, saying that “she doesn’t do pills” (lol). Ten minutes later he saw her coming to her desk with a huge plate full of doughnuts. He joked and said that “well, you don’t want vitamin pills but you do want sugar, don’t ya?”. It was said with a tone clearly saying it’s only a joke. She went mad. She started telling him that he should concentrate on his own life and he knows shit about her and what she eats. Feels like a typical “Weak spot hit”, am I right? 😉 Do I need to add that it is usually her who comments on everything in the exact same way as the joke that was laid out by my colleague? But everyone lives up with it because she is a girl.

He stopped talking with her. It’s now a second week and she never says anything to him either. Even that it was her fault to react like this and he told her to “stop behaving like that because he does not have time for drama”. I wonder how long this will last, because she not only doesn’t talk to him on a personal level but also on a professional one. It’s funny because they work in the same team. She should apologize to him and communicate as an adult, am I right or am I right? 😉

Women… They are all Ugly.

Remove make up. Stop telling them that they should shave. They are doing it only because other women are. And because we teach them.  Cut their long hair off. Suddenly, what you have left is a stinky human being with hairy armpits, hairy legs, hairy ass and of course a lot of fat here and there. Plus a cunt between their legs. This is the object of your desire, gentlemen. Painted, “maked up” and covered in fragrances and perfumes so that you won’t notice who she really is. Think about it next time you are desiring that sweaty human who controls you by the fact that she has a hole in her body and you want to put your sensitive dong in there. D’oh! We are so stupid! And this is not to say I hate woman. Before you call me a misogynist (like I would care, though!). I love them, in a way! I love how they smell, how their pussy tastes. Especially young, fresh pussy. I love their bodies, I love to fuck them. This is how nature made me. I am not ashamed by who I am. But also this is why I am de-programming myself through realistic observation like this. This allows me to look at them for who they really are- biologically driven wombs with attached brain, programmed to look for the best condition to breed and clone themselves (in order to extend our species- but that’s not how they see it, obviously!). This is it. There’s no magic about it. There’s no love. Wake up, guys!

Of course, prostitution would be an answer but it doesn’t produce female validation. Of course, PUA’s are saying that it’s received when a girl gives you her ass on her own – without paying her a dime. But, you are always paying her – whether it’s your time, effort and money spent on drinks, going out etc. it doesn’t matter. Ultimately, even if PUA would really work it’s not worth it to base your temporary happiness on some external source, on something that can only be received externally – that is : female validation coming from a woman. We should work on ways to limit down the exposure and influence of female validation and find other ways to make ourselves happy. Turning around my whole life around women as PUAs do is just madness. I am never going to be able to be with a woman in a “normalLTR ever again. My knowledge cannot be erased. Maybe when I’m 60-70 and just old? Who knows. But not now… am I right or am I right? 😉


We Don’t Have Much Time

Don’t forget that we don’t have much time in our lives. What seemed like an eternity when we were teenagers and an extremely long period of time when we were in our 20s already feels like accelerating car in our 30s … and probably that car will be going high-speed when we would be in our 40s and so on… Perception of time speeds up as we grow older. This means that we have limited number of years to make mistakes. That includes relationship mistakes. If you don’t learn your lessons as a man during first one, two or maybe three long term relationships – you are basically fucked. I’ve learned mine after four of them. It took me way too long. But I did it. Here I am. And yet, I know people in their 40s who don’t know shit about women. Some of them cannot be saved. Some will learn the hard way. Also, I was lucky. No “accidental” pregnancy or marriage. Now I know that I am free and won’t allow any female to catch me. Even one of those tempting fresh 23 year olds with bodies to die for. 😉

But my point is simple – if you’re in a fucked up toxic relationship, you are wasting your time. And time is the most valuable resource we have. It’s not worth it. So if you’re going to learn – do it fast. We don’t have much time to spend years and years in our life whilst remaining in shitty relationships. We get older. What was fun in our 20s doesn’t make us happy when we are 30+ … so – choose wisely. And always be yourself.

They all wear it. The amount of people- both men and women, that are toxic, fucked up, twisted, undeveloped or simply pure assholes is  just INCREDIBLE. I am baffled everyday, when I discover how fucked up is person after person. The ones that are healthy, positive and normal/sane can be counted on one hand.

Masks are just that- masks. They can be uncovered by a skilled observer.  All signals coming from different perception channels: micro-expressions, body language, what and how they say something, energy which you can feel coming from them are being constantly analyzed and judged by your own inner system called Intuition. Whether you’re living a life healthy enough to sense, hear and recognize your own intuitive voice (which always whispers in your ear in your own voice) – is up to you, but it’s ultimately worth it.

I was talking with a girl, 1:1 today – at my work place. It was our first conversation like that. Before, she always smiled and waved ‘hello‘ when I was passing her. During first few minutes of that conversation I’ve spotted a lot of anger on her face. You see, every constantly replicated emotion leaves a mark on your face. Everything does, just like you can recognize an alcoholic or someone who does heroin – just to give you borderline examples. I jokingly said that she is making a lot of errors in one of our systems when filling reports (it’s true, but it’s a complicated system and it’s not a big deal). She immediately became very serious and told me that it’s not possible because “she is an expert”. Then she talked for a good 2 minutes trying to persuade me that it’s the system fault, not her. I told her that it wasn’t only the one mistake she was describing, also other ones in other fields. I sensed that she would tell me to “go fuck yourself, son of a bitch!” if she could… and even before this my intuition told me that “she is a negative person”. She was using a lot of bad language when talking to me. What does that tell me? They want us to be chivalrous and have good manners, but what about them? Maybe I am a bit old-school with manners but if I am going to treat a girl like a girl she has to have fucking standards are you getting me? What does it tell me about a girl who I never spoke with before and she is using the word fuck” every 10 seconds the first time I spoke with her one on one? That she has bad manners. That she is undeveloped. That she is spoiled. That she does not have a healthy self-esteem. I don’t want to have anything in common with her. Thankfully I am just working with her. This is how you should judge women. Listen to the signals your perception is receiving from her, judge her quickly according to who she is (and not how pretty she looks) and move on as soon as you’ll notice any red flags. This way you learn how to keep wrong, toxic people out of your life and how to have healthy boundaries. Many will try to cross them, but you’ll learn to keep them every single time somebody tries it. Am I right, or am I right? 😉

Ever saw a woman who took a mortgage?

As above. Do you know any woman who took a mortgage to get a house on her own? Nope. They always wait for a man to get a house, then they marry the man. In between of that they just pretend being deeply in love/fascinated by the guy.


They cannot feel empathy.

They really really can’t. Maybe they want? Who knows. But unfortunately it’s not installed in their operating system Cunt 10. My friend bought an expensive car. The car was great. Very posh. Sport type, red. Double exhaust. Really nice car. After several weeks something happened with the electrical systems and it won’t start the engine properly. My friend was devastated and pissed off at the same time. He shared this to his lifelong female friend (he calls her“his sister”). He told me how she told him to “not worry, because it’s going to be fixed” several times. But he was really sad as he was planning an important trip and the dealer could not repair it before that. For him, it was like going to the World Cup final in football or Superbowl and then hearing one day before that he won’t go to see it after all. So, he was telling her how sad he was. Immediately, she started telling him to “go on with it” and to “behave like a man, not like a kid” and that “it’s just a stupid car, people have real problems!”. See, I know that we all should behave like real men – and that means never having a bad day. And even if, we should only mention it quietly. Probably when nobody looks at us. Because it’s only women who can feel emotions. Every fucking day there’s some huuuge tragedy, a real fucking problem, a massive crazy drama happening in their lives, correct? And we always listen, offer to resolve their issues and so on. Yet, social media, TV, movies are bombarding us with the bullshit how men should show their emotions to them, too. But when we really do – we get smacked down. But the point is that it’s only them who can feel and show emotions.

My friend told me that it was this moment when he realized women aren’t feeling any empathy at all. Towards anyone except maybe themselves? Haha. She could reply to him just like any man would do: “that really sucks, buddy! I feel you pain.. having this trip prepared and knowing you can’t go? Fuck. It’s just unfair…” That would be enough to make him believe that his lifelong female friend really understands his pain. Of course, women expect us to feel & behave like that towards them all the time…


5 thoughts on “Ever saw a woman who took a mortgage?

  1. you have it backwards, my friend.

    they have a pussy betwwen their legs. a cunt is what it’s attached to, and mostly above the neckline.


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