Do Not Bring Them Anything

Do Not Bring Them Anything

One dude (he is sitting close to my team) on his lunch break went to the canteen and brought some chocolate cookies for the rest of the group. There are 3 dudes (including him) and 6 girls in that team. Girls were out on their own break, so he left one cookie on each desk.

Girls came back. They exchanged looks with each other and quickly realized it was that guy – because the two others don’t give a damn about bringing girls any sweets, thankfully. When he came back to his desk, each one of them thanked him. One said “Oh, is that for me? You brought me a cookie?” (with an amused look) … he started explaining himself  so that “He wasn’t really bringing it for her, just for the whole group” but she shut him out by saying “You don’t need to explain yourself”. Other girl just ate the cookie without saying anything (she’s the most fat one in that team, haha) other one said really loud “Thank you for the cookie, ***! “ (his name) so that everyone around knows that he is pampering them.

Next day when the lunch time passed, two other dudes said to that guy (in a joking way, when they saw him coming back from the break): “What did you brought us today, did you brought us a cookie?”


I really hope he will understand that this is not how men should behave. One should never put himself lower in the social circles than he is worth. He probably only wanted to be nice, to be part of the team, to think collectively. But women never think like that. Not in the work-space. Men neither. You either are a strong, dominant type or you’re a doormat, someone who is a servant to the more dominant types. In a direct or less direct way, but this is how it works. Deep at the core, we are still cave animals.

Also, women really don’t know what to do when someone is trying to gain their approval by doing stuff like that. It doesn’t raise their attraction level, it is perceived as weak move by them and they instantly know that this is a beta male trying to get into their minds.

Don’t be that dude. 

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