Develop them. Prostitution is not a long term solution. Live on your own.

Sex Drive

One must understand that “our issue with wanting to have sex with women” is not an issue but an innate biological drive/need. you cannot “fix” it because it’s not broken. This is why women can control us. There’s no real 100% solution to it and if anybody tells you there is, he’s lying or still inexperienced. Real daily relationships and interactions with women cover much more than just masturbating to some pixels on screen and claiming that you’re an expert on the field.

What are our solutions? Chemically reducing your sexual drive (and that’s fucked up if you ask me), playing it safe: using masturbation (but that doesn’t solve all of the problems, it ruins your inner energy – which you might not feel that much if you’re young, but you will feel it after some time in the future when you become older); prostitution (that also feels fake and artificial after a while as it doesn’t provide female validation and full emotional spectrum which is needed for men to truly enjoy intimate connection that is being created during sex) or having short-term relationships. There’s no real ultimate “working-for-all” solution to this. I hope Vasagel will provide us with more freedom albeit they had another draw-back recently so the date of this product being released has been pushed away again. But even with Vasagel widely available, who knows what women will do by then to keep us at bay? Action creates reaction. And probably STDs will be rampant as nobody will be using condoms. Who knows.

All the way in.

This is the thing. Women are stupid. They aren’t as intelligent as us. They aren’t emphatic at all. They lack emotional depth and philosophical understanding of the world as we do. They don’t build things, they don’t architect, engineer or foreseen. They don’t dive into metaphysical side of life – that’s why every free philosophy system is so full of men and rarely has any women in them (Buddhism). I don’t mean religions because they are just sects which are brainwashing their own flock full of sheep. That’s not free thinking.

Now, we must develop them. Develop women. If you encounter undeveloped women, you need to have strong boundaries and stable male personality in order to tame them and not allow them to walk all over you. But for that, you need to be a developed man yourself. It’s often no fun in this, because you realize that women are basically endless string of fucking silly, undeveloped nightmares. You need to stop dreaming of meeting a normal, equal partner. That’s not going to happen.***

So to conclude this, innately a modern developed man ultimately will be always somewhat unhappy. Finally realizing that he’s not going to find an equal partner in another human, in the second gender, that all this story about love was a lie – is very depressing. And having a fucking pet in form of a woman – that needs to be trained tamed and developed like a puppy – just to be able to coexist is not worth the effort. We were ought to meet partners, not untrained pets! All this makes a modern man lose all of his respect towards females.

Women can only function properly in relationships with men if they are put into submission. And this is almost impossible to do, because our current society supports women, not men. How we are supposed to create this normal balance if any given girl can have dozens of partners through social media platforms such as FB, OKCupid, Tinder and receives so many compliments from fucking manginas and blue pillers that the only thing she really cares for is how to create a perfect selfie-pose so that she can get more likes? It’s fucking disgusting. Women aren’t women nowadays, they are pretending to be pictures from the magazine covers. And when you turn to page two it turns out they are spoiled twisted and toxic.

Maybe their fathers screwed up the job, maybe their mothers. Maybe both. Or maybe she was just a twisted fruit-loop. I don’t care. I am looking with my eyes open to meet that one normal, developed female who has a stable personality, good (on average) intellect, she is feminine and balanced. And I don’t see anyone yet.

Healthy habits? You gotta be kidding me. Everyone either drinks, or smokes or is hooked up on caffeine or sugar or something else. How people who live like that can be healthy and stable? That’s another story.

Personal Data

Anyways, the only rational option for me is to look forward towards saving enough money to finally moving out from my current place and beginning living on my own again. Optimistically, this should happen around May, 2017. In a more realistic version – November 2017. Wish me luck. I’d rather have less money but be on my own (I currently share a flat with one female friend, as I mentioned before, due to changing my workplace/moving to another city).

She isn’t that bad, but doesn’t give a fuck about stuff like cleaning or washing dishes. She is a grown up adult, but accustomed to being with a weak pussies/ beta males/ manginas all her life. Maybe except one guy who betrayed her 3 times after several years- so she couldn’t be that good anyway lol – and yet she never found herself another normal guy- so, maybe having personal servants is far easier? They are going to lick your ass no matter how bad you will treat them. And you don’t need to change any bad traits in your personality either. Easy. But then you expect to treat every other man just in the same way. Bad habits are formed. And I should work on her now, try to develop her? And then her fucking weak boyfriend comes in and brags how women should be protected? And how divine they are? Seriously… all odds are against normal old school men nowadays.

Yuck. I hate people like that. Without any goals motivation or plan of developing themselves yet constantly bragging how bad their life is. Constant drama out of thin air.

I could not see how the fuck any normal developed male would choose living with a woman – his GF, mother or even a wife – above being on his own. MGTOW all the way, gentlemen. Freedom is the key. Every truly free person has to be little lonely, too. But that’s the price worth paying.

*** – And even if you ever will, she will want to be with you only so that she can use you towards achieving her own goals. Having kids, free house, marriage and so on. That’s the female nature. Thinking ONLY about itself. Think about it. On the surface she will be telling you sweet little lies about love and that magical bond she’s having with you, but underneath you will know that’s not true. After all, try to stop going to work or become ill or disabled. Suddenly the magical bond will disappear! Isn’t love supposed to be for the good and for the bad, too?

Think about that. Think about YOUR OWN MALE NATURE and GO YOUR OWN WAY.


5 thoughts on “Develop them. Prostitution is not a long term solution. Live on your own.

  1. If you knew anything about religion you’d know some of history’s most famous philosophers were religious men..also theologians of gigantic intellect..thats why Thomas Aquinas,Anselm, Moses Maimonides, and Muslim philosophers like Averroes and Avicenna are still taught in liberal art college philosophy departments..not sure who’s the freethinker here………


  2. “all odds are against normal old school men nowadays.”

    I agree, just as all odds are against us women who crave normal old school men, ones who unapologetically and confidently accept their rightful place within the dynamic of a relationship as the Masters of their women and domain. They simply cannot be found anymore. It is better to be alone than to settle. This is the damage feminism has done. May it suffer a gruesome, painful death sooner rather than later.

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    1. You’ve been too spoiled already: by overprotective society, bunch of laws and freedoms (used only to leverage yourself, bragging about “male privilege” which in reality doesn’t exist) so that you don’t even know how to behave when in company of a traditional “old-school” men anymore. You need two people to dance, regrettably.


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