There is no Perfect Girl

Being a woman doesn’t mean just to be able to dress sexy as most of them think.

Perfect girl …doesn’t exist


One can have the most perfect ass, but unfortunately – her legs are too short. Pass!

She might have such a cute face so that you’ll want to die for it – but hey, she doesn’t know how to do a proper BJ and she doesn’t want to learn! Tough!

Okay, her personality is fairly okay – a true gem to be honest – but oh wait, she’s way too overweight and what you see is what you get – how she presents herself when being single/in relationship is how you’re going to see her when she will be with you. And btw, she’s wearing old clothes. Yuck!

You think you can go on with her, because her sense of humor and intellect are ok? Even her body is not that bad… Whoops! She’s almost 40 by now. Bye, bye honey!

What about this one? Perfect, perky breasts. Young, fresh and fun. But that face… doesn’t erect anything in me. 😦 Next!

This one is both witty and fuckable. And rather confident intelligent and talkative. But her personality… oh man, a barrel full of toxic radioactive materials is more healthy than her! Sorry, girl!


This is how they present to me currently. There’s nothing worth my attention. Maybe someday…


3 thoughts on “There is no Perfect Girl

  1. the one with drinking problems and the one that has falsely accused two men of rape, are the only cute ones there. and they all have mental problems!


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