Are women good in Sex?

This is the thing we hear so often… are men good in sex? Is he a good lover? How he is equipped “down there”? Does he know how to make me cum? Does he know how to please a woman?
Is this guy knowledgeable in the department? 

But, during my life as an adult I’ve rarely heard anything about the other gender. Actually I don’t think I’ve officially heard anything at all. Are women good at sex? And what does this even mean? How slutty they are? Or what? Sometimes it seems to me that women don’t need to be good at it at all because the very fact that they have a pussy, pair of breasts and a nice ass is enough. Woman ought to be submissive, yeah? Just “spread your legs and be a good girl, honey” thing. In reality it is men who are suffering from depression due to premature ejaculation, erectile problems and other stuff that’s directly and non-directly related to their performance in bed. And this is connected with their emotional state. How many of you can say that your first sexual encounter was as good as one seen in a Hollywood movie?

Even in bed female nature hits us hard. Even the “final victory” of a male – female willing to allow him to fuck her – means he still has a job to do. It doesn’t mean the end of work and start of the holidays. He still has to please her and prove to her that he is just as good at being a lover as he is at everything else he does to please her… so at the very end of it he can receive the ultimate female validation: “The last time we had sex was so good!;” “I came twice!”; “Jack is such a good lover!”.

But, what exactly we want from a woman in that department? Being sub?  Well, being submissive is just like being dominant – one needs to know how to do it properly and one must be 100% willing to spend some time learning how to do it. Being submissive does not mean lying dormant. Or being idle. Besides, even a submissive lover should know how to take control of the action once in a while.


So what constitutes to a woman being a good lover?

From my own experience the common saying “you get better sex from an uglier girl because she knows that she is ugly so she needs to level up her sexual skills in order to keep anyone interested in her” is not necessarily correct. Currently even very average girls are able to find partners being one or two points above on the HB scale themselves. They don’t need to be more technically skilled at all. However, uglier girls often do have more technical skills as they are more adventurous. Sometimes beautiful “little princesses” spend too many years with beta pussies from good families who aren’t able to teach them anything. Very frequently they end up damaged or being afraid of their own sexual instincts and this means they won’t remain open in company of real men. This problem is both very common and not easy to repair.

So what about technical skills? I have only slept with several women who really knew how to please a man orally perform acts like deep throat properly and without being disgusted. And they really enjoyed it, too. Most of them lack the required skills. I even had one girl interested in me who said that oral sex is dirty and how could she even put a man’s cock into her mouth. Of course the fact she put his cock into her vagina wasn’t worrying for her at all. She was just one of the never-ending string of toxic twisted fruit-loops that I’ve kicked out of my life in order to clear space for people far more valuable.

But with this you also pay a price – when a girl thinks she is worth more than a typical crazy slut, she will pretend she really is and you will need to work harder to fuck her. See, that’s the female nature problem I was mentioning above… there’s no way around it.

When a woman is good in sex that means she is open, passionate, emotional, slutty and have good enough technical skills in oral sex plus is quite flexible with her own body. She knows how to please herself and how to please a man. She is emotionally stable and is not afraid of her own sexuality – she is being playful and is not fearful to do things that put her in very open/vulnerable positions (like sexy dance or striptease). She accepts herself, does not rush foreplay and is comfortable in her own skin. She is not shy.  She will fuck in front of a mirror. 😉 She is open and knows that sex is a mixture of fun, intimacy and rough fucking. So basically, she is a balanced person. Lovers like that are very rare. But they do exist.

The main problem with our society is that it expects top performance – but only from men. If a girl does a poor job in bed nobody will pay attention. There will be 20 other men in line willing to fuck her, anyway. If a man doesn’t know how to do it properly hell will break loose and his reputation will go down. That’s the main problem. Women have no responsibility for their own actions. That’s why almost none of them care about anything at all. If you were as privileged as they are, probably you wouldn’t care either.


6 thoughts on “Are women good in Sex?

  1. > The main problem with our society is that it expects top performance – but only from men.

    This just isn’t true. Cosmo and Cleo – back when they were being sold, if they aren’t anymore – had article after article every single month about how to please a man in bed. One of the things feminsts bitch about is that dreadful consequence of the Sexual Revolution: that women are expected to be good in bed in addition to all the terrible burdens that wimminkind is traditionally saddled with.

    What you’re saying is probably true of some women, or maybe some cohort, but I think you need to slice it a bit finer than this.

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    1. I see your point Paul and I do remember funny articles in Cosmo (and such) about “great oral sex” etc. but did it changed anything? In the very core of being a woman lies the expectation to be treated better than men. Probably comes from childhood.


  2. About 95% are a rival to sleeping pills. Don’t know enough of them intimately? Here is the tip: watch pron videos labeled “Homemade” or “Amateur” and analyse the female’s behavior (if you can stay awake long enough).

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