They know they aren’t perfect!

They know they aren’t perfect!

One of the female colleagues at work brought back few parcels from the post room. They were there waiting for one dude to collect them. He was so grateful to her.  He told her: “Oh, you’re so great you brought me these parcels! You’re fantastic!” instead of something normal like “Thanks a lot“. That would be enough, but he kept bragging for half of the day about her greatness. You could tell (by looking at her face) that she was probably thinking something like “No, I am not great! I lie, deceive, manipulate and fart when you don’t look. Stop calling me perfect! Stop telling me I am great! I am just like you, if not worse!“. Women, on one side expect to be treated like privileged princesses- this is due to their false and fake upbringing which starts when they are little girls. From the other side even with all that bad programming deep down they sense that they are just like us, or worse (due to that handicap and privileges). Social media era helped to uncover how much psychopathic women truly are…before it started, women actually hid quite well from scrutiny.

They are tribal creatures. They tend to mimic each other and flock together. Notice how this works in any given group of women. If there are four of them and suddenly a cool guy appear and start chatting with all three of them, the fourth one will try to join into the conversation even if she doesn’t find the guy appealing enough. She will do this not only to appear at least equal to her female colleagues but mostly to not appear less attractive.


Are men really that powerful?

From one side we build bridges construct spaceships and dive into quantum physics but from the other side it only takes a few simple tricks and we are put in place like little silly monkeys. Your new girl uses exactly the same tricks she used to manipulate her previous partners – mastered and tweaked even further.

Ever heard how it’s possible that you can sustain fucking her 3 times in a row (especially at the beginning of the relationship?) and how good your are in bed (or something similar)? There you go, this ultimate female validation serves only one purpose: to make you feel good… feel better than every other competitor and make sure that you will invest your emotions into the equation. She needs them to be involved in order to make you commit. She probably tells the same old story about “best lover she ever had” to every single lover. You might ask – why they are doing this? Well, sex for a woman is not the end. It’s the beginning.

And also it’s the beginning of an end- for men. She isn’t dumb- she knows that you are all after her hole (or holes- depends what you’re into 😉 ) and nothing much (except if you’re a typical mangina/blue pill beta – then you will be there to stay without asking) and she will do everything she can to keep you involved in her. After all, she has chosen you. She probably did a good personality scan of you and noticed that you liked her. She noticed your pathetic sexual advances and attraction which you felt towards her body. She knows she can control you through this. And if her pussy won’t be enough, there’s a full spectrum of emotions and psychological manipulation at it’s finest. There it is. Modern relationship of XXI century. There’s no damn love. Unicorns don’t exist. And yet, some stupid men still believe in fairy-tales get married and expect to be served by their wives. Sexually, emotionally and what not. It is not you to be served in this equation. It is her. And no, it’s not going to be an equal partnership either, you dumb-ass!

Yet, without the “worship” part it does not work. That’s why nature made it all so strangely twisted- from one side we can be great architects and fly to Mars. From the other side – it takes just a fresh pussy for us to loose all of our own rational thinking. So, it’s all in the balance. If you can find that and enjoy both sides of the coin, you can call yourself a winner.

You might ask – what’s the price that they are paying? Well, to be honest – I don’t know. But I know that I could not stand living my life and knowing that it’s been a one big lie. Women know they manipulate, lie, deceive and cheat. They might push the consciousness of this deep down their own minds and try to cover it up with their own rationale but they can’t forget about it. Maybe that’s their eternal source of unhappiness and depression – to be able to manipulate and control the other gender and yet, to not be able to find happiness, true love or empathy. For sure this can be compared to suffering.



3 thoughts on “They know they aren’t perfect!

  1. i’m glad you found and posted that last pic, because i’ve been wondering why more and more women seem to be adding so much ink.

    a little ink can be cute, but some are just going way overboard. one woman i know is really cute, and she’s not only adding more going towards a full sleeve, but has also added deer antlers to her back.

    it’s really become a turn off, at least to me. and i have always thought she was really attractive. i don’t see how all the ink makes them feel any better about themselves. is it a “empowered” feeling? don’t they know or even think about the tats will look 10-25 years from now?


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