The power of Ignoring

“Women are directly adapted to act as the nurses and educators of our early childhood, for the simple reason that they themselves are childish, foolish, and short-sighted — in a word, are big children all their lives, something intermediate between the child and the man, who is a man in the strict sense of the word. Consider how a young girl will toy day after day with a child, dance with it and sing to it; and then consider what a man, with the very best intentions in the world, could do in her place.” – Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women




“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

I really tried to look at women in a nice way again. I really wanted to treat them good. I really wanted to end this blog as there’s no point in constant bragging about females. And after all I enjoy their company. I like to laugh with them look at their bodies and fuck them, too. I really wanted to end all this hatred towards them. They are all humans, after all. But I fucking can’t! 

I’m back. And in 2017, women are even more fucked up than ever!

As some of you know, currently I live with a female friend. Our lease agreement ends in a few months. She has a weak mangina as her boyfriend. He wants to start living with her. She kept postponing this for the last 12 months. She wants to “know him better” first. That’s what she told me. They are together for more than a year and there’s nothing new she could possibly learn about him – he is 100% pussy beggar and I don’t respect him either. She was considering extending our lease agreement for a few more months. It would possibly suit me too as I could save more money. I told her that it would be better if she would not tell about all this to him because he would start bragging about moving in with her again. She agreed. Today I’ve found out that she told him anyway, and tried to kept me out of the loop. The story she told me is that he doesn’t know and we can sign a new lease. The story she told him is that they can look for something together (so that he will search for the flat and so on). Typical. Female. Manipulation. I am not even surprised by such behavior anymore. It’s not something that we can call an “exception”. To be lied to by a female is as certain as the sunset happening every day.

She has her own agenda and honesty is not paired with it. Remember guys: she is someone that I call “my friend”. Other females are much, much worse in this regard. They don’t even pretend you’re something more than a tool (at best!) to them. And she probably just want to have as many open options as possible. She is independent after all, yeah? Women are as independent as a vineyard cultivated in a greenhouse built on Mars. They are dependent on us. Our whole admiration and societal systems. They kept saying how much they give us. But what they do, exactly? What they do take care of? Except themselves?! Not much. She can’t even move her ass to clean the place, or wash the dishes. And it’s not 1840, these things are easy by now. Or maybe I don’t live long enough to notice it! It’s time for us to do the same. Take care of ourselves. Not them.

Recently I’ve heard a song in the radio with lyrics that went: “I want to be with you every day” (and so on). It hit me – those are songs made for girls. And to be more precise: songs for girls being in love. Because they describe that particular state of utter craziness and lack of rational thinking. Love. The main problem is that songs like that cover majority of the so-called commercial music. Songs for men? Nope. They would probably need to contain lyrics like “I want to fuck your juicy pussy…”. I doubt this would be ever approved for publishing. Because it could offend somebody.

Inequality is everywhere. Majority of men- due to social stigma and early childhood programming- don’t even know the truth and if they sense that something is wrong with our gender roles they are afraid to speak up. At my office girls often (especially if most men are on holidays and therefore absent) laugh and comment in a very rude and loud way how they want (or don’t want) to find husbands for themselves so that they can be taken care of. And dominate over them  “love them”. Men don’t talk like that, they go silent when women come by. Another important point is that marriage hides the nature of women while bachelorhood exposes it as life goes on. That’s why if you’re not married up before being, say, 35 years old you probably won’t get married at all.


The power of Ignoring

New chick arrived in our office. She immediately made “friends” with other girls in our team. She is rather hot when skinny but unfortunately aliens recently implanted a cow in her ass so after Christmas she gained some weight. I’d give her 6 on the EB scale at most maybe 7 when skinny (but I am sure she is perceived as a goddess by someone!) She has an outgoing and dominating personality. She sits in front of me, on the desk by my left side so that we are facing each other. I was ignoring her for the whole 2 days before the weekend. When I was looking straight at the PC monitor I’ve noticed how she was bamboozled by this. She looked at me at least dozen of times being surprised that I don’t try to entertain her like other males around. “Maybe he doesn’t like me? Maybe I am too fat? Why he is like that, I know I am sexy! He never looked at me!”. She even yawned a few times extending her arms wide and putting her chest up front – coincidence?

This works. No banter, no fucking chit-chat. No joking. No teasing. Nothing. She doesn’t exist for me. She has to prove herself (which she obviously won’t do because she already won the approval of the female part of the team) to me. But I don’t care. I won’t sleep with her, she won’t be important in my life so I don’t give a damn. Women are emotional, manipulative, controlling. Those are the good qualities by the way. 😉

“A man strives to get direct mastery over things either by understanding them or by compulsion. But a woman is always and everywhere driven to indirect mastery, namely through a man; all her direct mastery being limited to him alone.” – Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women

Happy new year, folks. MGTOW way is the only way.

As a New Year gift I have a link to the book titled “Sex-Ploytation: How Women Use Their Bodies to Extort Money from Men” by Matthew Fitzgerald. It should be a good read. 😉


6 thoughts on “The power of Ignoring

  1. well why shouldnt she play you? free live in cleaning staff.

    all women are manipulative, and i just recently found out about some doozies on one particular lady. dodged a huge bullet in that one.

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