Is Europe starting to have a Muslim problem?

Or maybe we have a huge problem with leftist political correctness which means we aren’t able to fully express our supposedly free speech without instantly being called racists and xenophobes? Isn’t it weird that I cannot freely talk about my opinion on this not only in the place where I currently work, but also around most of my colleagues without a possibility of “offending” them? This is our place, Europe. And it’s not about tolerance. I have nothing against people coming here to work hard just as I do. But if we cannot check who they are or they don’t integrate with the rest of our society and create ghettos, then is this what we really want or need? The line needs to be drawn. It’s really a thing that one needs to realize: our churches will be bulldozed due to low number of believers and we will have mosques built across our neighborhoods. We need to realize what this really means. Christianity had its period of killing infidels long time ago but this cannot be said about Islam. In theory we can brag about tolerance and openness but in practice every time a stronger culture beats up the one that’s more weak. Many more people come from the East to live here than the other way around. How many people do you know that go there to build homes and create families? I know none.

In reality, the “tolerant and open” world exists only here. They haven’t changed their ways of living. Their culture is completely alien to ours and nobody can’t deny that Christians and Muslims always had problems with coexisting peacefully in the past. I don’t know any good solutions for this problem. Things like “civil unrest” “civil war” and “Muslim Europe” are coming to mind. It is probably too late. The moment I am uploading this content, there were already two other terror attacks – in St Petersburg and in Stockholm.

It’s pretty much game over, guys.


8 thoughts on “Is Europe starting to have a Muslim problem?

  1. I know that my latest post might be viewed as controversial, but that’s the very point about it. I know that not every Muslim is a terrorist. But that doesn’t really mean anything. Just like we aren’t welcomed there due to having different cultures that do not mix well. I might say that maybe we shouldn’t try to forcefully mix cultures. Live and let live. This is our continent and we have a right to free speech and open discussion without unbiased hate.


      1. There have been christian and hindu terrorists. Scientology, also, is a religion that specifically condones terrorism. And there have been secular ones. But Islam is both a quarter of the world and also explicitly terrorist.

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      2. In Europe, across last few years? Apart from Breivik, who was also trying to warn us about this problem – in a bad way obviously – I cannot remember anyone. As I’ve said, I think it’s too late. Europe will become another Caliphate.


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