Moving forward.

Across the past two years this website gained a pretty significant audience – at the moment of writing this article Red Male Hummingbird has 140377 views. That is a huge number especially if you take into consideration almost no promotion or advertising. I tend to be very open and honest about stuff like this so I can admit that I don’t want to lose that audience. Who would want it? It’s fun. And it makes this whole project much more pleasant. However, above everything I need to remain true to myself. As you could notice the usual number of articles during recent two months went down a bit. There was a reason behind it and until now I didn’t had a good way to put it into words.

But here it goes: The formula of this blog as it is right now- dedicated purely towards MGTOW/TRP– no longer serves me.

Stardusk/Thinking-Ape in his recent piece is talking about a very similar topic. I will cite a few important comments/points from it (from random people) and I recommend you to watch it, too:

Stardusk – Das Reinheitsgebot, Beer and the Nature of Reality

Arcesious 2 weeks ago
I learned a lot from MGTOW. But at this point I no longer wish to identify with the label. I don’t want to tie myself down to any way of thinking so much so that I potentially blind myself. At the moment I still don’t wish to pursue a relationship or having children, but I want to keep an open mind. At some point I may try it out as an experiment. The only constant for me ‘ideologically’ seems to be a mix of empiricism and rationalism respectively, depending on which provides the most utility to investigating something.

Trevor Cormier
Even if all the bad legality was reformed you know by now that you’re are going to be involved an unequal relationship with diminishing returns over time. Some guys are willing to accept that. From the couples I’ve seen, the guy finds his life inevitably bogged down in banality, endless obligation and shots to his dignity from time to time.?

I saw what was happening to all the men around me and due to a questioning nature and introverted/solitary personality found MGTOW circles. After that I had a much broader idea of what was going on. I’ve heard countless horror stories and subsequent success stories and I’ve listened to/read content from all over the loose affiliations that make up the ‘MGTOW-sphere’. I know it inside and out, and was even active in a couple places dedicated to discussing the topic for some time. Not going to forget one iota of it or ignore the implications. I’m probably still going to keep ‘going my own way’ all but in name, it’s just out of principle that I want to stay open to experience/new information.?

realverdade 2 weeks ago
Arcesious more and more I notice that men who question mgtow weren’t significantly scarred by women. It might have some correlation and my assumption is that one can only go mgtow if they have battle scars.?

Arcesious 2 weeks ago
Heh, I’m just glad no one made any dumb comments like ‘you were never a real mgtow’, ‘you haven’t internalized the redpill about hypergamy’, or ‘oh look another simp going back to the plantation’. I just don’t believe anything should or can be above interrogation. I’ve had experiences of my own that colored my perception and one in particular that was actually all on me and my own youthful naivety, but I wouldn’t call them significant enough to qualify as having been ‘burned’.?

..and so on. First of all I believe that those “battle scars” which were mentioned above are necessary – not for you going MGTOW but just for your own development as a man. I love labels but at the same time I hate them. Why? They start to limit you at some point. Like “Oh, you’re enjoying the company of women? You’re no longer MGTOW!” (just to give one silly example) My journey went through various experiences with women in short long and casual relationships over more than 30 years of my life and past that. I travelled from the usual Blue Pilled monkey through The Red Pill and finally MGTOW. Every step on my journey had a somewhat clear label and a significant meaning.

Would you still be “MGTOW” even when you have a good relationships with women are popular and enjoying a lot of sex on a regular basis? Probably. But I have a feeling that this isn’t that common across men from most of the forums dedicated to MGTOW I’ve encountered during my experience in making of the RedMaleHummingbird. What you concentrate on tends to grow. There is a lot of hate towards women across all those forums (and even in older articles here, on this blog). And that’s something I really don’t want in my life anymore. It’s not even about hate towards women. It’s about hate itself. Negative energy. Pessimism. Lack of direction. Life is too short to indulge in emotions like that. Hate leads nowhere. At least not-where-I-want-to-be.

My own articles about healthy living and motivation were the least popular. The ones about sex, call-girls and how women are bad/evil/stupid were the biggest hits. Isn’t that interesting? At one point it hit me: I no longer feel as being caught up by those negative feelings/emotions and I don’t want to experience them again and again like some twisted fetish yet the community somewhat expects this from me. That’s when I stopped writing for a while. There’s no fun when you need to write something that doesn’t matter for you anymore just to get another 1k visitors. At least not for free. 😉

Ok, women are this and that. Briffault’s Law. Yeah, I get it. I’ve been there. I wrote about it many times. Anger phase. That’s in my past. But one needs to ask himself: what’s next? Of course there’s no turning back. The only way leads forward. And what’s in there?

I won’t be having kids, getting married or boring my ass out in LTR, don’t worry. That didn’t changed. Maybe it will when I’m in my 50s? Who knows. Nobody knows the future. But I don’t think so. I think I will try to write about other topics that interest me, without paying much attention to the number of visitors here. Something that might not even be connected with women at all. We shall see.

I must move on. Being stuck in one place is just stagnation. And stagnation is like mud – various unpleasant things start sticking into you.

See you next time.


4 thoughts on “Moving forward.

  1. Yeah, MGTOW is definitely a thing that you travel through and then leave the other side. Some of us hang around the forums to contribute back, or just because it’s congenial and fun. But there’s no problem whatsoever with people moving on. However, if you change the topic of your blog, then you will lose readership – it’s inevitable. Hopefully, you will get new readers who are interested in your new topics.

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    1. That’s part of the journey. I can’t even change it to some sort of healthy lifestyle blog because I’d need to delete 98% of the content on it. 😉 Maybe it will be some sort of twisted personal diary but again, I don’t know yet. Nowadays you aren’t successful unless the stuff you do goes public and viral. Social media… it’s crazy.


  2. You know what scaries me? We all went through this journey, Blue Pill, Red Pill then MGTOW then finally past and beyond it. We developed ourselves as males. I might ”leave through the other side” as you stated it and be more experienced thanks to all those experiences etc. but there are still men who would never even know or heard about the basic concepts… part of them don’t WANT to know. And then they get married, and the fun starts. 😉 I feel sorry for them. You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the reality – I think thats from Corey Wayne heh. Hey anyway, thanks for your input man! Peace!


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